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Brown mark on my foreskin


I am 29y old.
I am opening this topic as i could not find a lot of informations on internet regarding my issue.
I have a brown mark on the inside part of my foreskin, means i can only see it when i pull my foreskin. it is there for few months now i believe, i did not really pay big attention when i first saw it, however, i have been reading a lot about potential cause lately and it got me very anxious/stressed.
Please also note that i dont feel any pain, if i touch it it seems to be similar thickness and texture than the surronding, and i have recently been tested with full std screen which was all negative. Not really been sexually active since then, and always protected anyway.
Can someone please help me to find what it is ?
I will try to post few pictures to show you my symptome.

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You (we) can get these marks on our penis and it is common.  Hyperpigmentation is one name for and it is also called penile melanosis as well as penile lentiginosis. Basically it is a build up of melanin (brown pigment) on the surface of the skin.  It's typically completely harmless. Usually they just leave it alone since it is harmless. Otherwise, you could get it removed but that's really not necessary.  Talk to your doctor about it and confirm that is what is going on.  But would be my right arm that it is.

There is one other condition that rings a bell called zoom balanitis.  This also is harmless. But it's pretty rare and is an inflammatory  condition.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5111296/  That one has a bit of a hygienic component to it.  Gotta keep the area clean but not irritated.

Your best bet is to get it looked by a doctor at but the good news is I would not worry, it is most very likely benign and harmless.
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GuitarRox is right - I was thinking penile melanosis - https://www.healthline.com/health/penile-melanosis

It's usually harmless, but can be caused by something else, so get it checked out to be sure.
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Thank you for your answers, I checked online and also found out that it could be simple penile melanosis. However I could not take out of my head that it might be some early cancerous Nevus, such as melanoma particularly due to the fact that it look pretty irregular (borders).

I am not able to see a doctor for few more weeks but I will definitely get an extra opinion to be sure.

At least you guys answers will help me to feel better until I go

Thanks again
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If you are afraid it's cancer (which it really likely isn't), you should make some time to go to the doctor.

Hang in there!
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