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Bruise-like sore spot in pubic area, sore only during one sex position

I'm 29yo, no medical conditions, no medications. Recently I became sexually active and I found that during doggy style sex, in the specific spot around 1 inch up and to the left of the place where penis connects to the body (https://i.imgur.com/kfyTwB8.png) (from my perspective) every single time I start to feel pain that begins as just slight discomfort every time my partner's bottom hits my genital area but then gets progressively more unpleasant until after merely a minute or two it's painful enough to steal my attention completely and feel as if I kept pressing on a bruise in that spot.

I never felt this cause any problems in my life beforehand. I don't experience this discomfort in other sex positions either. Even when I want to deliberately cause it now, I need to press pretty hard on that specific spot so it seems weird to me that a mere clap of my partner's bottom after every thrust would be enough to trigger it, let alone make it painful enough for me to stop enjoying the position.

Is it because of some muscle there? I'm an avid runner and run aroung 40km a week while being rather heavy (90kgs/180cm) so maybe this can be putting some strain on that spot? I don't even know what the culprit may be cause that area feels like one big muscle to my touch and nothing is out of ordinary either by touch or by the look of it. Even when I press on that specific spot to make it sore, I can't even feel under my fingers _what_ exactly is sore there.

I thought about hernia but one thing that doesn't seem righ about hernia is that neither do I have any external signs in that spot (though I know these don't always appears) nor do I feel any discomfort during any sports and like I mentioned, I run quite a lot. Climbing, running for well over an hour - no discomfort whatsoever, so I reckon it'd be weird for it to flare up after 30 seconds of sex?
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I have to say that the only thing that came to my mind was a hernia, too, but as you said, it would be unusual for you to feel no symptoms at any other time.

Have you gotten this checked out? It would be worth it. Some imaging - an ultrasound or MRI might be able to find something. Your body is telling you that something is wrong, and you should always listen to that.
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Thank you for the reply. What's very interesting is that I remembered that I did post with _the very same problem_ almost exactly two years ago. What's funny is that you were the one to answer, too! ;)
https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Mens-Health/Slight-pubic-area-discomfort-on-the-left-hand-side-when-walking-standing/show/3053724 - one can see I even use the same terms, the only thing is that I did not mention sex as I wasn't sexually active back then. The moments when I feel it are different (then it was when walking/standing up, now only during this one sex position) but the spot is the same, the way to trigger it manually is the same. It went away completely on its own pretty quickly back then, couple of weeks at most.

This turns me away even farther from hernia, to be honest. If it were a symptomatic hernia 2 years ago, it surely wouldn't have stopped giving symptoms completely for two years, would it? What it does direct me towards is some injury that I tend to do myself during winter months (like muscle pulls from running long distances on slippery surfaces and having my legs weirdly flexed not to fall for example) as it happens during exactly the same time (Feb 1 vs. Mar 1).

Guess in this case I could just wait for some time and see if it subsides again as maybe it's just seasonal in my case?
I mean, we can assume that, or since it's happening again, you could get it checked out now and make sure there's nothing happening. It may be triggered by running, but it's also triggered by certain sex positions, and that's something that isn't seasonal, right?

I can't imagine that it's anything serious, given that it has been 2 years, and either didn't bother you enough to post last year, or didn't happen last year.

I'm not a runner, and live in a warm weather climate anyway, but used to live in a cold one. I know they make shoes and things you can put on shoes that are sort of like cleats that let you walk on ice. I don't know if they make anything for runners, but maybe research that and if it's something about how your legs are flexed, that will help.

And it is funny that we had such a similar conversation 2 years ago lol. :)
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