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Bumps of various sizes on the back of my throat, behind uvula

Hello I'm currently 19 years old.  I've been smoking weed for the past 4ish years on a fairly regular basis (1-2 spliffs w/ 10% tobacco, 90% marijuana). Before I go into what's scaring me I'd like to mention that I've been going through serious anxiety issues lately and have never worried the way I currently am over a physical illness.

Anyways, about 2 days ago I woke up with a horrible sore throat. I only slept for 3 hours, and to the best of my knowledge I had no sore throat proir to going to bed. I had smoked earlier in the night using a vaporizer (something i rarely do) as well as a spliff. I examined my throat in the mirror (something I've never really done before) and noticed that the back of my throat had various sized fleshy bumps (by fleshy I mean the same color as a healthy throat). Directly behind my uvula was a bump slightly larger than the others but similar in color. They are scattered over the back of my throat and clearly visible when I shine a light into my mouth and yawn. I also feel slighty sick... while I don't have a fever I just feel a little ill, weak, and have a slightly smaller appetite than usual. I've had the same sexual partner for years, there is no possibility of an STD.

I would like to know if this is something to seriously worry about or something that will likely go away in a few days. Thanks, I'm extremely worried and anxious over this.
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BTW the primary thing worrying me is that it's an early form of cancer..
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My best guess would be a "cobblestone" throat. What causes this, you'll have to do an online search. If memory serves me right, this isn't much to worry about but it wouldn't hurt to get checked by a general physician.
Let's just say, I'd be very suprised if it were anything serious.

As for your first statement, trust me...A-LOT of people have or do feel this way. It is from anxiety. Either a health worry brings it out or the anxiety brings out worry of health.

You may be feeling "icky-pooey" because you are coming down with something...of little concern. Just get it checked out for peace of mind. Again, I would be suprised if it was anything other than minor.
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Thanks for the response it does make me feel slightly more secure.. However what has really started to bug me is the fact that right behind my uvula is a bump significantly larger than the others. I can only see it when I "yawn" and raise my uvula up... The total size is about 1/4inch by 1/10inch and it is a fairly similar color to the flesh in my throat... It's not quite as red as the others but its significantly larger. Does anyone have any idea what could cause such a thing? It really looks mostly like a swollen gland or  something but I'm really worried that it's something much more serious, such as cancer or a tumor.

Any other input would be appreciated.. this anxiety is incredibly painful I really wish offices were open tomorrow :(
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Still it doesn't sound worrisome to the extent that you are worrying about it.

A "bug" or irritation can be causing it. I've experienced these and have wondered if post nasal drip or reflux kind of "fire" them up.

If you want to be absalute certain, how about making an appointment with an ENT or Oral surgeon. It's the only way you will feel confident in knowing what is and is not going on.

If "ailments" send you into panick (thinking the worst), you may want to look into "health anxiety."

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i have the same thing , this cobblestone throat where i feel slightly ill, but i feel like i might be allergic to smoking because last night i smoked a black and my throat got much worse, so i refuse to smoke anymore because when i don't smoke and i take care of myself, then and take an advil i feel fine but i only saw this a week ago does anybody know how to make it go away
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i have the same thing in the back of MY throat but without the sickness feelings and all that other stuff. i was worried about it being throat cancer as well.

i have one larger bump like you in the center of my throat and various small ones, but im not sick all the time, or any of the time for that matter, but i do smoke kretek's (clove cigarettes) which made me concerned about a tumor..

anyone have any input?
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Has anyone gotten any answers about this stuff? I also have the same problems & then some. Quit smoking, scared I'm dying & no one around here is smart enough to figure it out, so, I'm to the point of leaving it all in Gods hands, since he is the best doctor, considering he made everyone of us. Does anyone have any advice or have you gotten answers from visiting doctors where you are from?
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So I am 16 and have recently got the same thing and spent a lot of time freaking out. It was the worst sore throat I had ever had and I had some heart burn after about I had the sore throat for a week. After loosing ten pounds I decided to go to the doctor. She said it was a virus and put me on antibiotics just incase. NOTHING HAPPEND after finishing the antibiotics I felt worse and was even more worried. I then proceeded to go to another doctor after thinking I had cancer from these stupid websites. He immediately new what was wrong after he looked in my throat. I have GE reflux from smoking (every day may I add). The hot smoke irritates the esophagus and that makes acid come up and irritates your throat or something like that. This really does sound exactly like my problem and I have been taking acid reflux meds and have chilled out on the smoking and I feel great. You really need to see a doctor just incase it is something else and GE reflux can get worse and cause other things. GOOD LUCK and chill with the smoking and don’t drink for a while(if you do)

And if you do have reflux hang in there it will get better
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Oh my god! I am so happy in away that I found this board! I was 100% sure I had cancer or something, i totally freaked out and have not ate for days! I went to the doctor who was pretty useless because he said he couldnt see anything down my throat (he hardly looked). I am to scared to go back again cause I will look a bit silly plus im pretty scared.

Anyhow, At the very back of my throat, in the centre, but like a bit down on the back wall i have 2 raised bumps which are heathly throat coloured, but when I swallow they turn white and the healthy colour slowly come back in seconds.. Theres a larger one lower and right by it there is a smaller one, sometimes i wake up and they are more reddish but throughout the day they go back to normal. I think I may have this cobblestone throat. They do not hurt at all, and I dont have a sore throat... Sometimes it feels strange when I swallow but I think Im just being paranoid. Ive freaking so bad about this! Thinking it was HIV, Cancer or something! I dunno, Its scared me so much!

Also, to add to peoples research and theorys... I used to smoke for like 5months, I stopped for 1 months and last week I started again! I went out on Friday Night and bummed like 5 ciggies off random people (All different makes including some mint cigs which tasted like ****) I smoke weed every so often but aint smoked it for a few weeks, anyhow.... I look in the mirror on Sunday and I notice them!!!!

Hope this helps people, I feel 50% better now reading this board! Im gonna wait a few days and I may go back and see another doctor and tell him about my findings on the net!!
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Sorry guys, need to add to my post above.
The best way to describe the little bumpy spots at the back of my throat is like a Stinging Nettle sting? I dunno what you guys call them in America or around the world but In England we have Stining Nettles which if you touch the points on the plant they sting you, and your skin has little stops that raise up a bit bit, its looks like more of a stinging nettle sting in my throat
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i recently got this problem and i can tell you yes it is from smoking. i smoked weed everyday at least 3 times a day along with cigs and had no problem for a year until now. yes it did scare me thinking it was cancer or something and i developed anxiety which gave me chest pains, throat pressure, the works. doctor looked at me said i was fine in the throat just a little irritated from smoking and gave me a strep throat test(negative). a week went by before i was feeling better, tried smoking again to test it and in minutes back to massive pain which took a few days to go away. i do however feel like my tonsoles (or however you spell it) are very irritated and i may have developed a problem there as well.

i wouldn't stop eating over worrying about it, it'll just cause more problems, i recommend having an ENT doctor look at anything that does concern you but again relax if you have anxiety like i do.

i didn't mention i am 18 and started college so stress does have a factor in all this i believe as well. im gonna look in to the acid reflux cause, i do believe that may be the problem.

ill post again with any news or fixes i find, maybe it'll help others. best of luck to all of you.
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I took my son sto a specialist yesterday and he said that it could be caused by acid reflex or allergies.  He has given him medicine for acid reflex and allergy medicine.
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