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Callus-like structure formed under the skin on a tailbone, 68yo male

Short bio first:

*     Age: 68
*     Sex: male
*     Height: 175cm
*     Duration of complaint: around 1 week
*     Location: tailbone
*     Any existing relevant medical issues (if any): glioblastoma (after resection and RT, before chemo); type II diabetes
*     Current medications (if any): dexamethazone, potassium, omeprazole, metformin
*     Include a photo if relevant (skin condition for example): [a little NSFW](https://imgur.com/a/TrieF7d)

Writing on behalf of my grandpa. He's currently undergoing treatments for his brain tumor (after surgical resection and RT, before chemo currently) and over the past few days, this weird callus-like structure appeared on his tailbone. After his hospital stays, he had problems with two small pressure ulcers/moisture damage sports between his buttocks so we offloaded the area making sure he changes positions often and used hydrocolloid dressings and the problem pretty much disappeared, with these spots completely healed up.

However, one night, after sleeping on one of his inflatable anti-pressure ulcer pillow (the donut-shaped one), we noticed his tailbone area becoming red. The fact that he often sat down slouching backwards so as to offload the buttocks with the ulcers didn't help either. So we tried making sure that he offloads this newly red area too - so the redness disappeared but this callus-like thing formed under the skin there, as can be seen on the photos. It's a bit protruding, hard to touch (like a shell on the top and more gel-like on the sides) but is not painful at all. Grandpa says he basically does not feel it at all, sometimes when he sits down too long in one position it becomes a tiny bit itchy, albeit pretty rarely. However, you can touch or press it and there's no pain or stinging whatsoever. Also, grandpa says that massaging it feels really good and soothing. Grandpa isn't immobile, we keep walking as much as we can every day and now he consciously offloads this area too, trying to lie down on his side and not sit on this spot either.

What is this thing? What should we do to help this heal up? We tried some herbal ointments and petrolatum but it doesn't seem to help much - and it's not dry/scaly to begin with. The skin looks completely fine, bar this tiny red spot in the middle - it's what is palpable _underneath_ it that made us worried.
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I really wish I had an answer for you.  Given your Grandpa's health history, I would immediately check in with his oncologist or doctor to discuss this.  It could be a cyst, believe it or not.  It could be because of a tumor.  It could be a pressure issue even though he's using the special pillow.  I think you need to see the doctor and hope you let us know what they say.
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