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Can I Cure This Weak Ejaculation?

I am 25 years old male. On the 06th of May, 2019, I had a mutual masturbation encounter with a 55-year-old prostitute. I got flu-like symptoms on the same day and the next day. And on the 08th of May, I observed a white bump near the urethra and discoloration around the urethra.  So, made an appointment with a dermatologist and, he gave the second appointment on the 30th of May (yesterday). But, between from 08th of May to 30th May, I have tried to masturbate two times. Both the time I could not shoot my liquid. It was dripping out from the urethra. I thought, It was due to anxiety and didn’t consider much.

I have been active on the std forum for the past 3 weeks. And, according to the expert, I don’t have a risk of STD. And according to my doctors, I don’t have any std risk as I don’t show any symptoms. According to the doctor, the white bump is related to glands and the discoloration is due to an irritation around the urethra. And, my doctor did not allow take any test recently. He directly prescribed the tests to perform in August. So, up to now, I have not performed any std test.

But yesterday, after the clinics, I came home and I masturbated to relax myself. But, I could not shoot my liquid this time also. I cannot understand what has happened to me. Even on the 06th of May, I was able to perform a good shoot. Now, I have completely lost my ability.  

1. What has happened to me?
2.  Is this related to STD?
3. Is this related to the prostate?
4. What are the tests I should perform?
5. What should I do to cure this condition?
6. Am I capable of having a family life (wife, children, etc.)?

Someone, please consider this issue. I feel upset. Thank you.
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I am experiencing absence of morning wood aa well.  Is life over ?
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There are two parts of ejaculation, emissions and expulsion.  You are talking about ejaculation and not erection.  Two separate matters.  

So, I would see your doctor.  You could have low hormone levels. If you don't have proper androgens (male hormones), that can impact things.  Guys have less as they get older, you are young. But you would want to get that check. Another cause is weak pelvic muscles. Force of ejaculation can decline if this is the case. You could have retrograde ejaculation where the semen goes the other way. Basically a valve isn't working properly causing the semen to go back. This might happen if you have an enlarged prostate, some kind of underlying health issue like diabetes or if there has been a trauma.

I'm going to attach an article that also talks about something called PEVR or perceived ejaculation volume reduction.  It's common.  They may want to test your hormones as I mentioned and your blood sugar for diabetes.  https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/weak-ejaculation#pevr
Overall, if you are masturbating a lot, lay off for a bit.  

One thing you noticed that I didn't mention?  STD's.  That isn't related according to anything I've read.  
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