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Can I have a voluntary bilateral orchiectomy

I am a 25 year old male. All throughout my life I have had issues with my testicles sometimes partially rotating and causing pain in an event I think to be a self resolving testicular torsion. A little over a year ago I sustained an trauma injury to my left testicle but did not have insurance so I didn’t immediately get it checked out. Following the injury my testicle was initially swollen but I would wake up some mornings or at night to find the entire testicle rotated 45 degrees from its normal resting position and shrunken with a hardness entirely to the touch and diminished sensation. These symtoms eventaully resolved but a slight heavy sensation in the left inguinal region has been present ever since that and can vary from a slight awkward feeling to discomforting to the point that it inhibits exercise and walking normal. I would describe the feeling as having one testicle pulled as close to the body as possible while having the other hang normal, which sometimes is the actual case, my left testicle will be raised much more then normal which I have read can indicate injury. Also this hardness described earlier happens with ejaculation along with dull pain and sensitivity to the effected testicle along with a lump that forms in the epididymis that subsides overtime. I eventually did get it checked out but after three visits and a doctor that does not beleive my symptoms electing to do STD testing each time (which came back negative). I would like to take control of my situation. Kids are not important to me, but even so I have already had sperm frozen and stored. My testicles have been a major source of discomfort to me and I am wondering if I can voluntarily elect to have them removed and potentially replaced with prosthetics for aesthetic purposes as well as recieve hormone replacement therapy to control my hormones and sex drive. I realize this may sound extreme, but it is my body and a choice I would like to consider.

Thanks to all for your feedback
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That definitely sounds extreme.  Castration isn't something most guys would consider.  Are you not interested any longer in having erections? Cutting off both of your testicles can cause hot flashes, can cause you to lose muscle mass, and all of the other things that testosterone are associated with.  While testosterone replacement might ease that, it won't likely completely improve it.  Men who do this do it because they have to in order to save their life.  I think electing to do it is your option but you'll be hard pressed to find a doctor that will do it.  And you might end up with more problems than you started with.  What kind of doctor are you seeing, by the way? A specialist, urologist?  Maybe there is more of an answer out there than removing your testicles and essentially your maleness. Not criticizing you in any way as clearly the issues you have been having are such that you'd consider this.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp Forums.  We thought we'd provide some more information for those reading as to what exactly this procedure is and entails.  https://www.webmd.com/cancer/what-is-orchiectomy#2

I don't think you'd receive any insurance coverage for such a procedure if done electively rather than for a medical diagnosis but if you are paying out of pocket, you can discuss with any surgeon of your choosing to see if they would perform this procedure.  It is not common and I'd suspect it would be difficult to find a conforming surgeon for this type of voluntary procedure.  Let us know what you find out.  best of health to you.
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