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Can just fat cause the nipples to appear puffy, like it would be in gynecomastia?

Hi, I went to a Mastologist to see if I had gynecomastia, since my nipples appear puffy, but they aren't hard, the nipples themselves are soft, and after I went to the consultation, I was told that it's not gynecomastia, and it's only fat. But my question is, can just fat cause the nipples to be puffy like it would appear if it's gynecomastia?. Additional information: I'm 18 years old and was overweight at around 12 years, when it appeared the puffy nipples. Today I'm fit and active, at around 13% body fat, but the puffy appearance of nipples didn't dissappeared.
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Did they do any testing on you or was this a visual exam and their determination was from that? Puffy nipples can be the result of weight, for sure. And losing weight can also leave the skin in such a way that it can have this appearance potentially. But first, you have to make sure that is what it is which you are doing. One thing that can also cause this is hormone imbalance. As a young man, that can happen. Have you had any of your hormones checked via blood work? This may be wise. If it is in correlation to weight, either that you had too much and lost it or weight in general, you could change your diet further, exercise including 'target lifting' of weights. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/326783#exercise
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