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Can prostatitis be contagious with girlfriend?

About two months ago I started to feel pain in my testicles and around my bladder, and the tip of my penis became sensitive and felt raw. I had much more urination dribbles than normal, and when I ejaculated I noticed it had a creamier more foamy consistency than normal. I went to a urologist and my urine sample came back normal, and I tested negative for chlamydia. The doctor then tested my semen and found a high amount of white blood cells. From this he diagnosed me with bacterial prostatitis. He put me on doxycycline, 2x200mg a day and Diclofenac sodium 2x50 a day. Both of which I have been on for four weeks.

At first the treatment seemed to be working well and the symptoms went away, but now the symptoms are coming back. I am starting to feel pain in my testicles again and the creamy foaminess in my semen is back.

I noticed around the same time that my prostatitis first showed up that my girlfriend had started to always have thick and creamy discharge during sex that has a sour smell. She never had this before. Though she hasn't had any pain or itching. Should I be worried that the two are related? She has not been tested or treated for anything. My doctor said he thought it was very unlikely that my prostatits was caused by an std, but I worry that there might be something that my girlfriend and I are passing back and forth. Could a yeast infection cause such symptoms in both of us, or something else?
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