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Can tight foreskin be stretched?

I’ve always thought I had a tight foreskin and have never really been able to retract it over the penis head. I’ve recently been referred to a consultant with a view to getting a circumcision. However, when the doctor looked at my penis, he managed to retract it. He put a little pressure on it, and it was a little uncomfortable, but he said it isn’t that tight and if I practice stretching it, it should loosen out. My problem is I’m uncomfortable stretching it to the same extent as the consultant did as it feels a little unnatural to me. If anyone has any advice, or been in a similar situation, I’d appreciate your help.
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I agree to try the stretching exercises and see if that doesn't help.  The fact that it CAN retract with the added pressure just may mean it has to loosen up and the exercises can get you there.  Let us know.
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I'm female, so I haven't experienced it, but I found this:


It describes some stretching exercises, but if you aren't comfortable with it, then go for a second opinion. Always advocate for yourself, and make sure you're comfortable with your doctor and his advice.
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Thanks for this. Good advice about advocating for myself also. In a way, it was good that the consultant put a little force on it because it proved to me that it isn’t as tight as I thought it was. It’s just definitely difficult for me to use the same force. Hopefully some stretching exercises will help though.  

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