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Can your penis shrink due to injury?

I was going through foreplay with my wife when I felt an episode of diarrhea overcome me.  I rushed to the bathroom and plopped down on the toilet seat so I would not poop everywhere.  I tried to tuck my penis to fit in the hole.  I was rushing so quick that I sat on the seat and caught my penis on the edge of the toilet seat.  There was a huge pop sound and my penis immediately deflated.  Since then my erection is like fully hard about 80% of the time. My wife has noticed my penis has lost some size 3 inches and 1/3 of the girth even when Its fully erect. I told my doctor about it and he took a look and said everything appears to be normal.  It’s been 2 1/2 years (I’m 51 now) and no improvement towards my size.  Does your penis shrink as we get older?  
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Have you seen a urologist?

It can shrink as you age, or because of scar tissue, which could happen with injury.


Smoking and some medications can cause it, too.

3 inches is quite a bit of shrinkage, though. I'd definitely get checked by a urologist. At 51, it's time for prostate testing anyway, so it's a decent time to establish yourself with a good urologist. Keep us posted on what they say. And if needed, push your doctor for a referral. You know your body better than your doctor does.
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