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Can't quit masturbate as an adult

As a 32 years old adult, no matter how hard i try, i can't quit masturbating few times a month, the least is twice and the max can even exceeds to 4 timex !!!
I use herbal pills, few meditation techniques but, so far i was unable to quit
The last one was last night which was after only 4 days, which counts as third time in a month
I don't know what to do anymore, sadly i'm not yet married so, that can even add up cause i'm currently seeing no one, and since most of my work is from home i'm not much outdoor which, makes the situationw worse, except for jogging or doing some minor stuff, visiting some friends or, i don't know, some other stuff i guess, thankfuly, it didn't exceeded to 5 times per month yet but, i thought that won't be an issue as soon as i exceed 30 but, looks like it's not and, still an issue.
I tried other techniques such as Cold shower, various tasks but that only delays the masturbation not completely wipes it out of my life
I don't even know if it's healthy,  i mean, 4 times, 5 times a month, that can suck alot of protein and energy
I don't know i wish i could at least engage but, that's not an option right now, hope it can be soon, but in the meantime i don't know any way i can quit this masturbation thing
It starts as an urge, like, umm, how to say it, like, it's a need and it just eats through my body and mind and, so far i was unable to do anything to stop even for 1 month i would've been happy but, it never happened.
What do u think?
Is it kinda natural for a 33 years old guy to masturbate ?
Doesn't such an adult count as seek or anything like that ?
It never exceeded after 4 days period it was only appeared after a week or 2 but, last time my urge to masturbate appeared after 4 days !!!
I don't know i'm really upset i can't really do anything about it to stop
Does anyone else is in my situation ?
Is it a common thing ?
I don't know what to do

Regards Omid
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So to make sure I understand - you are masturbating maybe 5x a month?

Yeah, that's pretty normal. In fact - it's all normal. There was a big study done awhile ago, and everyone is different on this. You can see the chart on it here - https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/dear-mona-i-masturbate-more-than-once-a-day-am-i-normal/

As long as it isn't interfering in your daily activities - your job, relationships, finances - like you aren't spending a ton of money that you don't have on porn - etc., then it's normal to masturbate.

I'm not sure where you got the idea that it isn't, but it doesn't matter. It's a normal adult thing.

"that can suck alot of protein and energy" - yeah, that's not true. Yes, there is protein in your semen, but ejaculation doesn't harm your health. In fact, there are a lot of health benefits to ejaculation.




I mean, everything in moderation, but there's absolutely nothing wrong, medically speaking, with masturbating.

Stop taking your herbal pills and being so upset with yourself. You're normal.
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Oh, thanks god !!!
Well, the idea, i'm not sure myself where it came from to be honest, i always thought it's wrong  because, well usually the day after that, i have some effects for a full day such as  my back hurts for almost a full day, it not affecting my activity cause after a day it won't hurt anyone but, i'm not sure why that happens, also, i would have less energy and become more sleepy, another affect it causes me is it makes me more impatient, of course all that affects will be gone after a day or 48 hours
Is that normal to experience those affects ?
It was cause of those that was trying hard to quit which yet, i failed,
Can i at least do anything to avoid experiencing those affects after the night i masturbate, i usually do, or, by other word, my urge usually comes before bedtime
Some times it would appear during the day but i do my best to avoid doing it during daylofe
Quitting has never happened in my life, i can quit everything except i failed to quit this one.
By the way, thanks for ur patand support
I really appreciate that
It's normal to want to sleep after an orgasm, especially for men -



Your body releases a hormone called prolactin when you ejaculate that makes you sleepy. Totally normal.

If your back hurts the day after, maybe try to change positions, or you're feeling guilty, so you're tense and holding that tension in your back. If you normally masturbate lying in a certain position in your bed, try a different position, or try it in the shower, standing. Vary it up and see if that helps your back. Is it an upper or lower back pain? Do you have any other pain - pain when you urinate or anything?

Maybe you're more impatient because of the anxiety and guilt because you thought it was wrong, were trying to quit, and felt like you failed.

Maybe now that you know it's normal, it's healthy, and there's nothing wrong with it, you won't experience some of this.
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