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Cause of Hair Loss?

Summer 2011 - Vague memory of seeing extra hair shedding on pillow in the morning. Ignored it as it didn't seem alarming, moved on with life. Hair could still be spiked up, no signs of visible hair loss.

December 2011 - Visited parents for winter holidays. Mom points out my hair seems a bit thinner after getting a haircut. I start noticing the hairs on my pillow now. Lots of hair every morning on pillow, then lots of hair coming out during shower, all over hands. More on towel. For sure losing more than 100 hairs a day. I can still spike hair.

January 2012 - May 2012: Excessive shedding continues, still hair on pillows every morning. By May, hair loss becomes visible and concentrated on the temple regions, although there has been diffuse thinning all over top area of head. Not visible loss on the crown, but temple regions has thinned considerably and all the way back to the mid section of scalp. In May, I change hairstyle to mask the hair loss. (No more spiking hair, need to comb hair forward and and try to deal with frontal thinning by moving it to side)

August 2012 - Shedding continues. Decide to get a hair cut. Hair dresser recommends Nioxin Shampoo and Conditioner. I start using it religiously, every morning.  

September 2012 - No longer shedding on pillow. Maybe 1, maybe 2 hairs in the morning, but nothing like before. Very positive sign. Hair seems thicker - even if its artificially done by shampoo, it looks thicker. A lot drier feeling though.

Oct 12 2012 - Finally get a chance to see doctor. Takes a quick look at my head, decides I probably have MPB. Gives me a prescription for Rogaine. Very discouraging. Self-confidence and any ray of hope shatters inside me. I disagree with doctor and refuse to take any medication without making sure its not MPB.

Its October 30th now, and although I have mastered the art of hiding my hair issues, this hair loss is still bothering me. I can currently faux-hawk my hair, and with a quick scramble of the front of my hairline I can hide any thinning in that area. Under a bright light though, you can tell I have minimal hair in some areas of my head. Some days I feel the hair is growing back, some days i am not so sure. NOTE: I must shower and fluff my hair every morning when drying to give it volume, or else its very obvious i have a hair problem.

Details on hair loss:

Every hair that falls out has a white bulb at the tip.
Pillow shedding stopped after 6 months of noticing and change of shampoo
Hair loss continues in shower and on towel (counted about 20-30 this morning)
Washroom floor has visible hair everywhere
Father, Mother, Grandpa and Grandma on both sides have full set of hair
All my uncles, on both sides, full sets of hair
Cant think of one person in family (blood related) with hair loss

Personal details:

25 years old, Hispanic background, 5 feet 11 inches
Underweight my whole life. Currently 125lbs. Max ever was 132lbs.
Hard time gaining weight.
Tested for thyroid, vitamin and insulin levels. All clear apparently.
Stressed out over work-related issues last year, trying to relax more
Very poor sleep habits during 2011, poor diet, and lack of water intake
No full beard yet, no chest hair yet really.
Rarely take sick days for work (maybe 4-5 last year)

Recent changes:

Sleeping more
Vitamins in the morning
Constantly drinking water bottle
Trying to get weight to 150lbs but very hard

Additional symptoms, may be unrelated:

Small appetite
Sometimes nausea in the morning, TUMS help. Vomited in shower the other day, first time ever. I had a late meal the night before though.
Acne seems to have gone away though. Used to be much worse before.


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Im not a doctor but had the same happen to me throughout my life and i would guess by what you describe as male pattern baldness. Really nothing you can do short of transplant. Just accept the fact that you are aging and try realize that the boy days are gone and you are now entering into a whole new and exciting time in your life. Instead of focusing on your hair try to focus on being a financial success. If you think that people were attracted to your hair, wait till you see their faces when you pass by in your new Corvette!!!
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Hi Well its seems some of us are in the same boat, theres nothing we can do apart from paying out lots of dough for a new thatch, or get a wig, or you could start having a parting just above your ear and comb it over, which is ok till the wind blows the it starts waving, not good.
You could do the same as me and just keep cut short, I did use a number 2, but now I use a nunber 1/2 (half) so very short, but trim your eye brows as well looks very silly a man with very short hair and big bushy eye brows, so time to be a man and exsept what you now have and live with it.
Good Luck
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