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Chronic prostatitis symptoms?

I am an 18 year old male and have been suffering from a variety of symptoms which were first misdiagnosed by a family doctor as a UTI.

It would be very kind of someone to help me know what's going on since these have persisted for a very long time.

- Tenderness in the testicles. I get some sort of a shooting pain in my thighs and lower abdomen when I touch either of my testes. The right testicle also doesn't contract and expand as fast as the left one does when I put cold water on top of my scrotum

- I experience some pulsating in my groin region along with shooting pain similar to muscle spasms

- My thighs go numb after sitting for a long duration continuously

- I have a feeling the urge to urinate has gotten weaker with time and so has the urine pressure when I try to do so

Can someone please give me a rough idea of what exactly is happening. I cannot consult a urologist since my locality lies in a red zone. I hope it's not something that requires a surgery but I will leave it to the experts here to answer it.

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When you say 'misdiagnosed as a Uti', that's unusual as they check urine samples for bacteria to diagnose a uti typically.  That's not the case for you?  Unfortunately I don't think we're going to be able to get real answers for you as you need examination in order to dig deeper to what is happening.  This article talks about 8 potential causes of testicular pain.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324776  You were checked for things like a hernia?  There is epididymitis  but you took antibiotics when you thought you had a uti?  Are you sure you don't have a recurring UTI?

So, chronic prostatitis.  Possibly.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/prostatitis/symptoms-causes/syc-20355766  You'll need a urine test, blood test and exam to determine if you have this. They may even choose to do some imaging. Can you take Nsaids for comfort (like ibuprofen?)?  That's often given but antibiotics area as well.  

Will your doctor provide some guidance over phone or video if your area is under lock down right now?
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Thanks a lot for responding. A urine test wasnt done but an ultrasound was conducted (not for the prostate)and everything was found normal back then. I was still told that it might be a UTI and had to take meds for the same.

It's been 4 years since and the symptoms have been the same. It's only now that their recurrence has increased very slightly. I do experience heaviness in the groin region from time to time apart from the usual feeling that I am having muscle spasms in there.

I have tried to schedule an appointment 4-5 days later with my doc.

One question,can chronic prostatitis go untreated for years? I have some of these symptoms such as the thigh pain for 3-4 years now
Chronic prostatitis means flare ups.  So, times of more symptoms than others, recurrence, etc.  Yes, you need more follow up on this.  Especially since you say it has been going on for 4 years.  So, since you were 14?  
Sorry for replying late. I have been out through another round of UTI treatment after ultrasound if the abdomen didn't reveal stones in my kidneys or any bladder anomality. The tenderness in my testes went away for sometime but it has returned. Groin and thigh pain is back again. And yes the symptoms have indeed existed for 4 years or more infact. Is this prostatitis? I am fed up of getting diagnosed wrongly now.
When they test you for a UTI, are they finding bacteria? You need to ask, because if there is no bacteria, the antibiotics are useless. The ultrasound needs to also look at your prostate and testicles - did they do that?

There is something called chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. It's also known as chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS).



I don't know where you are, but if you are close to a large hospital or medical center that has a urology department, they may have doctors there that see patients. You may have better luck seeing someone who is familiar with chronic prostatitis than a GP.

If it's not CPPS, they can help determine what it is.

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