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Circumsition - THE FACTS PLEASE! We need some oppinion and help with this...

Hi everyone. Please get involved in this discussion as me and my girlfriend feel so strongly about this topic and it is making us so sad to talk about it.

I am from the U.K and i live in california with my girlfriend who is from Los angeles.
We are both from a catholic background, but we are not very religious any more.
We are expecting a boy in October and we are over the moon about it, except we both stand in disagreement over circumsition. So we got 6 months to figure this thing out!
I am 33 and it turns out i was never circumsized but my penis actually looks circumsized and the foreskin sits loosely just under the bell when unerrect..
When the issue of circusition first came up my girlfriend told me that she thought i had been circumsized and she would never sleep with a guy who wasn't cut. She says an uncircumsized penis looks "gross" and is unhealthy and dirty.

We are both good people and i love my girfriend but it brakes my heart to think of our newborn getting something done that it has no say about (basic human rights), and the effects last forever.

What i would like to know is genarally do mens penises end up looking circumsized anyway in the end? or what is the stasistic for it? is it like 50% always have an ant eater all their life and 50% dont? Does the foreskin retract naturally by itself after a while?

Her feelings are :
She says the kid will get teased at Gym class at school that it doesnt look like the other children.
We live in the U.S. and so we should do what is normal and socially acceptable in this country.
She says it is easy to clean and it carrys less health risks later in life
she says girls will be turned off and find our son less attractive if he is uncircumsized.

My feelings are:
Our child has basic human rights and once this procedure is done, it is irreversable. If the our son wants to get circumsized later in his life he go ahead and get it done with our full support when he is old enough to make the decision.
Our son will find it difficult masturbating.
Our son will will have a groth restriction on his penis and it will not grow to its full natural size.
The health risks are arguable each way.
Circumsizion is a jewish custom that is premoted and marketed positively in american culture to generate revenue.

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Hello,  I am a raised catholic and i wasn't cut only because, I was an ill baby and that was the last thing on my parents mind at the time. I wish they had thought about it. I have a few sex issues with not being cut.
The dirty ugly part is nonsense. I keep my penis clean. But, I do suffer some pain when I have a full erection. It pulls on the skin that is attached to the head. Feel if it was cut. I might even be bigger when erected. I do not have a children at this point yet. But, if i had a boy i would get him circumcised
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