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Climax too soon

Hi, I have a question. I can’t seem to hold my erection no more than a minute and climax very soon. I smoke.
I feel the reason I cum very soon is related  to my anxious head. Any sexy move makes me climax. Once the climax feel starts in my head I can’t hold it no more. I tried to pull off and wait for minute or two and resume even then I can’t hold it. Is this ED or my anxious head? Can u suggest what type of mindset do I have to have to keep the drive going?
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Hi, For a long-lasting erection, you need to work on yourself. First of all, you need to change your mindset, you need to believe in yourself that you can perform better . Your mind should be calm and relaxed. Stress and tensions are the major cause of pre-ejaculation. You can also try different types of exercises and yoga ( eg:- Haṭha yoga).  
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Do you mean that you ejaculate within a minute of your erection, or the start of sexual activity?

It's technically defined as ejaculation within 1-3 minutes of penetration or other sexual activity always or nearly always, and you are unable to delay it.

There are medications and techniques that can help, but talk to your doctor about it. You'll want to rule out any physical causes.
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Climaxing too soon is not erectile dysfunction. You just get overly excited and aren't good at controlling ejaculation. Maybe put your head in a different, less sexy space. You'll still enjoy yourself but perhaps not have the too quick for your partner to enjoy climax.
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Yes, exactly, I get too excited and ejaculate too early. I can’t seem to control it. Any techniques to keep my head calm and delay the process?
Well, you really should rule out anything physical. You could have hormone imbalances or deficiencies that could easily be fixed.

You could try the start and stop method - also known as edging. There's also the squeeze method. Distracting yourself by thinking of other things can help - listing non-sexual things, for example. None of it will help all that much if it's a physical issue, though.


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