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Concern about my penis's health

I am 15 years old, and I am worried about my penis. It appears that the tip of my penis gland is connected to my foreskin and therefore, I can't retract my foreskin. I have done some research and it seems to be a penile adhesion. I am not sure what to do. Please help me, thank you.
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Talk to your dad about this - and don't worry about being embarrassed - it's the sort of things that he's there for.
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If you can't retract your foreskin, you should see a doctor about this. Can you tell your mom or dad about it?

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I can try to. What's the easiest way to them without making them overly shocked?
They won't be shocked. They have body parts, too, and know you have a penis. ;) They want to know when something is wrong and help you.

Just tell them that you noticed while showering that you can't retract it to clean. No need to mention anything else.
Thanks for your support. Do you think it requires surgery or something?
Probably the doctor will tell you it's a bit too soon to opt for a surgical solution. My son is not circumcised, and when he was about 10 I read up on when the foreskin would be retractable. If memory serves, even into the teenage years it isn't too unusual to still have some attachment. It wasn't supposed to be any reason to worry unless the membrane still hadn't separated by age 18 or so. If your doctor has no experience with uncircumcised patients, which is less possible than it used to be (in the U.S., a doc whose patients were all circumcised was more common thirty years ago than it is today, though it depends a lot on where you live) -- anyway, if a doc is not that familiar with the natural course of events when you haven't been circumcised, he or she might suggest surgery, particularly if you start to throw around phrases like "penile adhesion." But if your doctor doesn't give you some reasonable pros and cons, I would certainly do some research or see a different doc. It could be better to wait and see.
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