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Concerning symptoms up to 6 months after unportected oral sex

Dear doctor,

First, I'd like to thank you for your work here and the time you take answering our questions :)

I am a 23yo French guy and I've been experiencing a lot of weird symptoms after a mutual unprotected fellatio that happened 08/03/15 with another guy.

About 3 weeks after this, I went through a flu-like syndrom with light fever for about 10 days (up to 38.2C), dysphagia, tonsilitis, muscle ache. Then appeared some kind of redness on my penis head and pain in my urinary track and some very light skin lesion on my wrists (like eczema). Not to mention I was extremely worried, besides I was moving to another country for my studies and that wass not easy to handle. I went to the doctor's who said it was probably a simple cold and I should just wait a few days.

So I moved to my new place in Germany but then started some pain in my right ankle and more especially the tendons (so about 4 weeks after oral sex and 1 week after the "cold"), stifness fingers, eye twitching, fatigue and still the urethra/**** pain and redness. I got seen by another doctor who suspected chlamydia and/or gonorrhea infection and treated (azythomicin) + tested me twice (negative) since it was not disappearing. I also got tested for HIV and other STDs at 7, 10 weeks with blood test (6 weeks is the standard for reliability in France and Germany). It was again negative. I also got a mild eye irritation for about a week.

I got back to France to get a full blood check and urine test: everything was fine (maybe a low platelets rate but just under the normal). I tried to get back to my normal life but this was really difficult considering my symptoms. The pain in my ankle finally disappeared after 2 months, a new pain appeared in my left knee for a few days and disappeared as well.

At that time I was still very worried about HIV but I thought things were getting better only having the pain when urinating + penis redness and some low back pain (preceded with a lumbago). So I went to a urologist who did advanced tests => negative. He said he didn't know what it was and it was maybe chronic urethritis. But about 1.5 months ago (so about 4 months after the beginning of all of this) appeared constant dizziness and difficulty to focus and shortness of breath sometimes. I did another quick blood HIV test at 26 weeks => negative.

To sum up, today I still suffer from low back pain/stifness, constant dizziness, shortness of breath sometimes, urethra/**** redness, pain when urinating and sometimes anal pruritis. All the analysis were normal and my physician thinks it's just stress and sent me to a psychoanalyst.

I don't really know what to think anymore, I am not really stressed out now since it's been such a long time span and I enjoy some relaxing at home with my family. Yet I am about to go on an exchange semester to Japan for my studies and I would like all of this to be solved or if not, explained. I hope you can help me even a little :)

Thanks in advance,
A tired Frenchman

PS: My sexual partner got tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea , syphilis, and HIV (after 3 months) and all was fine.
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