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Confusion Regarding Erection Issues

     To be completely honest, I don't know whether or not I have erection issues or if I'm just normal. In terms of what causes my issues pertaining to erections, I personally don't believe that it's due to a lack of testosterone. I'm in the 96-98th percentile in terms of height, I've a fairly deep voice, I'm quite strong and I have very masculine facial features. I have a high sex drive with regards to my thoughts and desires of having it with someone. Recently, as I've been single for quite some time, I've noticed that I require a considerable amount of physical stimulation in order to achieve a full erection and, regardless of what I'm watching, I cannot attain an erection without rubbing my penis. However, when I'm exposed to erotic content, my penis does enlarge but it's still completely flaccid.
     Before sex, I generally take Viagra and haven't received any complaints from anyone subsequently. Even after having taken Viagra, I still need a blowjob or physical stimulation to become erect. I don't experience social nor performance anxiety anymore. I've experienced a highly traumatic, sexually related, event which happened in my last relationship; although, even before that occurrence, I still had erection issues. A more likely cause of my erection issues might be due to this seemingly perpetual anxiety which intensifies when I'm alone and have nothing to preoccupy my mind with. Furthermore, I experience significant sleep issues and depressive symptoms even though I haven't been diagnosed. BPD, schizophrenia, heart issues and high blood pressure are all issues prevalent in my family although my blood pressure and heart are fine. Is it normal that I can't achieve an erection without physical stimulation? I would like to. I'm 20 years old.
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Other than the viagra, are you taking any medications? Psych meds are well known for causing sexual side effects, for example.

Even though you are tall, strong, with a deep voice, etc., it doesn't mean you don't have hormone issues. Low testosterone could also contribute to your sleep and depression, for example, as could a thyroid problem, or a heart condition.

That Viagra isn't working for you is significant. That usually indicates that you're taking it wrong, or the problem is psychological or physical, like a hormone issue or a heart condition, nerve damage, diabetes, etc.


You mention the trauma you experienced. I don't know if that involved a physical injury, but if it did, you should find out if that caused any long-term damage, even though you had ED issues prior.

So what can you do? Get checked by a doctor. You're very young to experience ED, so talk to your doctor. With all ED, no matter how old you are, the first thing to do is rule out physical problems. Then if that's all good, you can work on the psychological.

If you need it, the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN)  is available for men. https://www.rainn.org/about-national-sexual-assault-telephone-hotline They have a phone and live chat option.

Let us know what happens with the doctor.

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I don't take any medications and haven't for a while. I don't remember which medications I took when I was younger but I've only been diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia although I experience depressive symptoms very often. Currently, I'm not in the right situation to speak with a doctor regarding my issues although I have in the past and was given a prescription for Viagra; some of which I still possess. Before taking Viagra, I've ensured that I haven't ate anything in the past few hours. I actually addressed the potential issue to people who I've had sex with although they invariably tell me that I don't have erection issues even though I need physical stimulation to become fully erect. Additionally, I always ensure that the timing is correct, I wait a sufficient amount of time and I don't have sex too late. I suppose that, based on your response, the fact that I can't achieve an erection without physical stimulation means that the Viagra isn't effective. The occurrence which I had referred to wasn't of a physical nature; it was completely psychological although still incredibly traumatic and I'll admit that it pertained to being cheated on and emotionally abused by a loved one with whom I was in a relationship although I'm not comfortable elaborating further. Anyways, thank you for the response; I do appreciate it.
My first question is how old is the Viagra? Maybe it's expired and no longer effective? That would be a very different reason why it's not working than something physical is happening with you. I did a quick Google on it, and most things say that after 2 years of it still being in it's bottle and stored properly, it will lose it's effectiveness after 2 years.

You don't have to share anything you don't want to share. I'm sorry you've gone through that.

I'm sure it seems like this is a huge issue for you. I understand that. I'm glad your partners have been understanding. :)
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