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Continuing Urethral Irritation

In February I went to the doctor with painful urination and discharge after oral sex.  I was given bactrim and azithromycyn at this time.  I was also teste dfor various things, which came back gonnorhea.  Byt he time the tests came back i was given Ceftriaxone injection which apparently cures gonnorhea.  I have 4 lots of tests since all come back negative for any STDs.

However, my urethra tip is still red (albeit not too bad), and there is inside the urethra if you open it moisture and small white specks so to speak.  I've been since given all sorts of antibiotics - penniccilin, and now 2 weeks of ciprofloxacin.  All of which have done nothing except give me a white tongue which as of now is cleared mostly after heavy doses of probiotics and stopping the a/b.  When he gave me the cipro i did have some itching at my rear and minor blood specks (why?)  I figured its because the medication was basically ripping my guts out.  I've also been given tablets of nilstat just recently incase of fungal infection, however i find this hard to believe but I suppose possible.

I'm not sure where to from here, I'm suspecting yeast in my urethra? But I have no idea, the doctor is at a loss and I'm still depressed about it all.  I have not seen anyone sexually, and am worried I could give someone something (that I apparently "dont" have.  Some feedback or support would be greatly appreciated. It's now July and nothing.  

During the month from Mar-Jun I had lower frontal cramping sometimes to the point where I could not walk, but that is all gone now, just the visual aspects remain, with some very very very light pain in that regional rarely.  I would conclude that it was a physcial problem if the white specks and moisture werent in the urethra?
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I have a swollen urethra now for the last 6 months, STD test came back negative, I'm getting a DNA test for my urine shortly to see if they can pick something up.
At this point I'm thinking either Mycoplasma or candida
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see if it s gonorrohea ,syphilis,are kinds std diease (sexually transmitted disease) if the urination is painfull along with yellow color then it is followed head ach,fever,pain inur body ,along with it will affect ur eye site its better u can consult good gynocologist there is no remedy through asking question u need to take treatment don't be careless it will endup in mortality (death)
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