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Could i have a muscle injury in Leg, and not something wrong with my testicle ?

Testicular Question , 32 athletic build, about 5 or 6 months ago i started to feel a pulling sensation in my right testicle it started small never got to much bigger came and went very mild. but after a few days i went to a clinic to get checked out to make sure it wasn't anything serious they diagnosed it as epididymitis and gave me antibiotics and a shot in the butt (there was no swelling or pain associated with this sensation either at first just a small mild pulling feeling) all my tests came back negative they ran blood work, urine test and i even had an ultrasound on my testicles to rule out torsion or anything else.

After i left the clinic Pain got worse and worse to the point i couldn't lift my leg without feeling as if i had been swiftly kicked between my legs. The shot in my butt really really tightened my glute up and even now to this day it still feels tight.The pain was really bad for a bout 2 months i have gone to about 4 different doctors and a urologist(who said stop taking the antibiotics because my testicles seemed okay and i defintally did not have epididymitis, she recommended it was muscular) all in hopes of an answer, i am healthy other wise enjoy running and and weight lifting. The only person that was able to help me was a chiropractor who offered a decent amount of relief.  

As of now off and on i have a discomfort from my hip , very bottom of my abdomen down the inside of my leg to my knee the muscle feels extremely tight even with stretches. Also have tightness in my glute on the same side and a mildly painful sensation on my it band, and hip flexior when spreading my legs to there peak. these seem to get worse when i sit all day at my desk and when they get worse it seems my testicle becomes more ... Sensitive, heavy and sore. after the gym when i work all my muscles in my legs granted i am going light now incase i did injure them months ago, everything feels better for a few days ( not perfect but better).

I have given myself probably 40 self exams,along with a few doctors checking me out, because i feel like there has got to be something wrong with them and i worry about testicle cancer, i have not found any abnormalities other then what seems like a small ridge on the underside of my testicle (not my epiditimis) it feels soft and maybe almost vein like and can be a pretty tender spot.

Any ideas on if it could tight muscles because my whole right leg feels sore and almost stiff in a way, my muscles on that side are not quite right or injured i think, but no matter where i look i can not find a connection between muscle pain in the hip and leg and testicular discomfort, like the urologist i went to suggested) I am 100% STD free was checked upon first visit to the clinic when symptoms presented.

In short i feel much better then i have originally, but not 100 percent myself, my GP recommends physical therapy to help with my hip flexiors she thinks that is causing my discomfort any advice or ideas would be helpful.

Sorry if i repeated myself in any of this just wanted to try to cover everything, Thank you in advance for your time

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