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Crack on Glans

About a month ago, I made a post about a horizontal crack on my glans that runs between the glans and corona.  A fellow member showed me how to give readers access to photos since we are not allowed to post them here.  I am trying again, hoping that photos will make my message clearer.

Until I was 14, my glans was smooth and the border between the glans and corona was marked by a sudden change from light purple to dark purple.  Then, overnight, a crack appeared between the glans and corona.  There was no pain or bleeding, but I was scared. I mustered the courage to ask my doctor about it and he said it was nothing to worry about, it is just the way I am and it is a normal penis-head variant, though not a common one.  Three other doctors I have asked about it over the years said much the same thing, though none of them wanted to talk about it further.  I believe their diagnoses since it has caused me no physical discomfort over the last 50 years.  I suppose other men with this feature are OK with it since they may have always been that way, but with me, it was a sudden change, so I am acutely aware of it.  What I want to know is the name of this type of crack.  If there is not a name for it, there should be, since the medical profession has names for every crease, fold and groove on the human body.  If there is no name for it, I propose calling it a "circlet" since that is the part of the crown (corona) that rest on the head (glans).  To see pictures of my glans, go to the following sites:  https://ibb.co/x2x2YsK    https://ibb.co/ft79107 and https://ibb.co/52n421v
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I don't see a crack. Do you mean the sort of ridge that's there? That's totally normal. There's not a name for it because it's just a corona.

Penises all look different. There are different curves, sizes, shapes, colors, etc. Like hands, feet, noses, and legs, no two penises are the same.
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