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Cyst in testicle, pain in lower abdomen

About 2 year ago I had a scan because I was have a pain in my left testicle and was told it was a small cyst, I've always felt a bearable pain now and then but the last few days it's been quite sore lying down and it feels sore in my left abdomen aswell, I'm terrified to go to hospital and they tell me I need to be operated on or something, I need help?
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It is important to get medical attention urgently.

Although it may be to do with vericocele veins in your testicles, there are other problems that can happen and cause the pain so it is better to get medical attention urgently.
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What you are describing is almost certainly vericocele veins in your testicles. They usually occur on the left side. This is what I had with the same symptoms and a cyst as well. Get another testicular ultrasound to look for these now as they may just be forming. Vericocelectomy is a fairly simple procedure to fix these.
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