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Dandruff and Hairfall

I am 20 years old male
the skin of my scalp comes off like white flakes in small pieces just like dandruff. and I am experiencing severe Hairfall with many bald patches already
please help. I have been consulting a dermatologist and presently goin through a MESO regrowth trestment. but with 2 months past I havnt even noticed any sign of reduction in Hairfall even.
please help. I am pretty sure its due to the dandruff which I dont think is normal
I am using shampoo every alternate day with a anti dandruff shampoo on every 4th time
so its like I am shampooing 4 times a week and I am not using any oil (all these was advised by my doctor but I dont think its right)
I think it may be some fungal infection or some other disease which is causing so much flaking off of my scalp skin and causing dandruff
please guide me......
I am getting bald at the age of 20!
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A friend had psoriasis and it looked like big flakes coming from his scalp.  Maybe you could ask the doctor (or a different doctor) whether this could be the case for you.
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what was the kind of treatment ur frnd received?
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I think it was a medicated shampoo made for the kind of psoriasis he had.  Don't know any other details (I wasn't a close enough friend for him to comment about taking medication).
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   From your description, it appears like a dandruff issue, in which case anti dandruff shampoo should have helped.  May be, you need to consult a general physician (if not already done) and do a full blood test, hormone panel and other health check up to find out if you are suffering from any other health issues and hair fall is just a symptom. Do you have a family history of baldness, especially on mother's side?.
The following link will give you a good discussion on the effectiveness of MESO therapy and other choices, apparently, MESO is not very effective in male pattern baldness treatment.


Hope it helps,

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The other thing is, get your thyroid checked.  Thyroid problems can cause loss of hair.
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