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Destroyed my life!! Musky testicles!!!

Hi I've been having these god awful smell coming from my testicles or somewhere in the groin area and it has destroyed my life. I always have a strong ,very strong musky odor. Not even a minute after I come out of the shower I begin to smell it again, and yes I clean myself well. I would first use regular soap then moved onto anti-bacterial soap but it doesn't seem to work. I also used rubbing alcohol , antifungal spray, synalar cream, but I still haven't tried white apple cider vinegar. I always feel my testicles moist and sometimes itchy, but the worst problem is the smell. The smell and moist feeling has been around has been around since I've been a freshmen in high school and now I'm a senior in high school. I thought it would go away but it doesn't. I dry myself thoroughly and put powder to try to stay dry but it doesn't help. It has destroyed my social life. Everybody tries to avoid contact from me, even my teachers. I'm not overweight. I was pretty active I wrestled in high school and did tawekwondo, but stopped a couple months ago. I would go to a gym but it's too embarrassing because the odor is really strong. I have a rash between my thighs and my skin on my penis and testicles was peeling off. It was maybe because I was using alcohol, the antifungal spray, and baby powder and it was leaving my penis dry. Or I was masturbating without any lub or lion.  Please help me I know there has to be something wrong down there.  I'm not paranoid.  It is seriously embarrassing, everybody that knows me looks at me with disgust even my family. Please help , thank you.  
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Don't put any cider vinegar on.  

What you could try is apply Bicarbonate of Soda to your washed and gently dried area.  Bicarbonate of Soda will help to reduce the  moisture and the smell.  

If you feel that you are actually sweating a lot, you can purchase Odaban.

What you need to do is to make yourself an appointment to see your doctor and to get a swab done from those areas that are bad.  The swab should be sent to the laboratory to identify any bacteria or fungus.  Once the results come back your doctor will be able to know how to treat you.

Don't use any soap, bath and shower gels.  You can try non perfumed soap, soap that has the same pH level as our skin and baby washes may be fine.  

Don't wear nylon or manmade garments.  These make you sweat more.  Wear cotton pants and trousers. These help your skin to breathe more.

Get your clothes washed in non biological detergent and if you use fabric softeners, use the ones that are suitable for sensitive skin.

What you eat and drink and how you empty your bowels, will also affect your odour.  

You can buy off the internet Epsom Salts and put 2 or 3 cups of it into your bath water and soak in that for 12 mins or more.  You will get instructions on the pack or bucket which ever one you purchase.  The Epsom Salts neutralise the pH level on our skin and bugs don't like this.  If you do try the Epsom Salts, do put some baby oil or coconut oil into the bath water too, because the salts are very drying on their own.  Epsom Salts contain magnesium and when bathing this is absorbed through the skin, which is a good thing.

Don't forget to book an appointment and see your doctor.
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Your advice is very comprehensive. Many ideas of yours can be used by most people who has skin disease.I have parasthi- feeling tightness in soles of feet.It is a skin disease not responding to any drug. Taking lots of anti- histaminics and applying different ointments in different parts of the body.Almost 3 years have passed. symptoms are gradually exhacerbating. I am 83 and I think this problem will a life long problem .
Epsome salt bath is very good suggestion. I am applying different streroidal ointment. Results are unpredictable. I never had itching problem  in my life. Now it has become top priority to be free from this itch. I realize that this post belongs to dermatology community.
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Unfortunately, as we age we do not produce enough natural oil, and that can make our skin itch as well as irritants, some illnesses and some medications.

You have to be careful with steroid ointments as they thin the skin.

I have never heard of parasthi, but will look it up now.

I hope that you do not use normal soaps and avoid using biological washing detergents.  

Epsom Salts is supposed to be very good for lots of things.  If you do try it Dalubaba, to soak your feet in a bowl even, do put some baby oil.  Epsom Salts on their own is very drying to the skin.  

Coconut oil (the organic virgin one) is really good too.   It is antibacterial, antifungal, moisturising, you can cook with it, eat it.

Have you had a check done for diabetes and your liver and kidney function?
You don't need to answer that, it is just something to think about.

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Thank you Jemma116
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My diet isn't that bad. I mean it's not as healthy when I was wrestling or doing Tawekwondo. I eat breakfast lunch and dinner and don't really junk food, but I have these past two days. I'm going to stop eating all these crap because I don't really like it.  
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Well there is no point eating food if you don't like it.

Don't forget to book an appointment and get the doctor to take a swab to send to the laboratory to rule out any fungal problem.  Sometimes a fungal cream or a fungal spray needs to be used for quite a while.  A doctor sometimes may prescribe antifungal medications to take by mouth.  There are antifungal single dose capsule that you can purchase without a prescription from the pharmacy, but the doctor can prescribe stronger and a longer dose if it required.

Don't forget to follow the advice I gave you in my first message.

It would also be a good idea for you to ask your doctor to arrange for you to have a fasting glucose test.  Skin problems in that area in between the legs that are persistent can be related to glucose intolerance, pre diabetes or diabetes.

Do bear in mind too, that everyone has some odours.  But as yours is very strong and you have that skin issue, you need an urgent appointment with your doctor.
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Than you again Jemma
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