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Did I have a cold sore on the roof of my mounth?

Hello, I am a 48 year old male.  Four days ago, I felt a swollen lump on the right side of the roof of my mouth half way between my teeth and throat.  It was hard to the touch.  I have gotten these in the past and they always go away a day or two later.  On this particular time, I was feeling it with my finger and I tried to pop it thinking it was an abscess or something like that, however it would not pop and I believe I scratched it because I tried to pop it with my finger nail and afterwards it was sore.  The next day it was even more sore and when I looked at it in a mirror, it looked as if it was a healing (whitish sore surrounded with red irritation) injury.  I was thinking that I got it infected.  
I decided to look this up and to my surprise I read that sometimes sores on the roof of your mouth can be cold sores.  I never knew this.  I have gotten cold sores in the past on and off since I was a young child, my last one was several months ago.  They were always on my bottom lip.  

Today, four days later, the sore/injury is nearly healed up (it’s not painful, unless I drink a hot beverage, but I can tell it’s still there), but it’s got me thinking.  Could this have been a cold sore?  I read somewhere that it’s rare that cold sores appear on the roof of the mouth and that if they do, it’s usually only on the initial out brake?  

What has me very concerned is that the day that the lump was there (before I tried to pop it) I was providing my wife with oral sex.  It sickens me to think that I could have exposed her to this.  I wish I looked this up earlier because I would have never gone near her if I thought this could have been a cold sore.  We’ve been married for 18 years and she knows I get cold sores and we refrain from any contact, even kissing, when I have one.  

Thanks in advance for any advice
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