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Difficulty achieving an erection

I'm 30 years old and have a very stressful job. My wife and I have been very much sexually active but however within the last 3 years I have difficulty achieving an erection at times with my wife. I have been with my job now for about 4 years. I believe it's stress related but don't know how to handle it. I have nightmares and barely get any sleep now. I find it hard to tell my wife because I'm embarrassed about the situation and just don't know what to do. Is there any way to get any help in fixing this issue?
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Concentrate on stress free methods first, not on sex. Every thing make workout when we are away from stress.
Even sex also enjoyable when we free from stress for that
>Do Yoga
>Do meditation
>Have healthy diet
>Sleep enough
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Hi Man, Look there is a saying, we live to work not work to live, I think I have got it round the right way.
For a start stress is a sex killer, google natural ways to beat stress, yopur find lots of info, its best when you leave work thats it, go with a freash mind, leave your troubles there, its very important that your wifew is awear of your problems in getting erections, she will need to help you, so its best you both read up on stress busting, some things are like set goals for yourself, just the same when you work set goals for the day, and keep to them, mind you we dont know just what work you do.
Its very important that home time is that, your home and your trouble are outside, never take work home with you, never take a company laptop home, as you will only work, and never og on line to your work site and log in, from now on make it a no, no.
weekends is time to relax so relax get out do some walking and swimming, these two are the you can do for your body, if your eating is bad duering the week, make weekends healthy eating time, no fast foods or junk foods, and if you can carry those last two through the week even better, for your and your sex life.
Good Luck
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  People who spend a lot of mental energy need to relax their central nervous system. Balanced and timely food intake, moderate exercise and getting control of your mind  is the only way to recover from these issues.

You should share all your problems with your partner. In stead of taking outside food, carry a pack of home made food to the work place. Find some time in the morning to do some simple exercises preferably in the morning sun. Some of the yoga postures can be extremely beneficial. Week ends go for some outings to relax the mind. Understand that there is nothing more important in life than to maintain a good health, do not mind compromising anything else for good health. Before going to bed , taking a glass of milk with some health drink for some time will help to rejuvenate your body. Continue to take a glass of milk even after your health is restored.
Good luck,
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