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Difficulty healing foreskin tears since November


Last November, my ex gave me a "dry" hand job which resulted in mini tears in my foreskin that bled. The next few months, Ive had much difficulty trying to heal them (not tears anymore just red marks) due to sexual contact and masterbation.

Ive tried both Vitamin E cream and steroid cream, which seemed to help until i engaged in sexual activity again.

steroid cream says to use for 2 weeks and shouldn't be for prolonged use because it can thin the skin and such. I find myself resorting to that cream because it seems to work with getting the inflammation down but i know i should not use it for awhile...

is there anything i can do to fully heal this area??is there a special penis cream of some sort? its been super hard dealing with it and i have definitely lost some of my sexual confidence as i know i have to deal with inflammation every time i have sex...the urologist seems to think this is "normal" which i totally disagree with, what was normal was my penis before November... seemed to be a lazy answer for me.

My next option would be to try and contact a dermatologist as they should know best on what to do. Should i refrain from sex and masterbation until the area seems to have restored itself? i want to shy away from having an adult circumcision.. which is not ideal right now.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and would help put my mind at ease.

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You should use what the doctor gave you unless it's not working. Here's a trick to prevent it from rubbing off the cream on sheets or underwear... put on the cream, cover it with a condom, cut the tip of the condom off with scissor so you can pee.
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The other thing that Polysporin will do is prevent infection while you are healing.  Being male myself, I know you may have problems not touching it at all for two weeks but you have to remind yourself that if you don't, you could end up with problems for the rest of your life. Don't watch any TV that will cause you to "lose control" either. NO ERECTIONS for two weeks.
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should i continue to use the ploysporin method or try and use steroid cream that is covered by a band aid. i feel like covering the area helps it heal no? Yes i will try and not do anything for 2 weeks. I will make it my goal, but i really hope that this will help my situation for the future..

I also have an appt with my urologist and dermatologist in 2 weeks time.
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Sorry, I forgot that I had already answered this...
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No sex and no masturbation until you are properly healed.  Every time you get an erection, it stretches the skin and breaks open the healing that had been done. You will probably need to leave it alone for 2 weeks.
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Okay i will try my best. sex is definitely not in the books right now and i have definitely been careful with my skin lately. I did notice that ploysporin with a bandaid covering the area seems to speed healing much faster than anything else out there. I may keep to that.
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Not really but I have several things all screwed up at once including three botched corrective surgeries by two incompetent surgeons from Kingston Ontario,  a incurable non-contagious skin condition that can sometimes be a great big pain in the ass, low testosterone for which I take needles every three weeks and type two diabetes.
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Hello my friend. I too have steroids for my penis... yes used over long periods of time the skin can get thin but if you play your cards right, you should be ok very soon.  Put the cream on morning and night for two weeks, cover it with a condom if you can because you don't want it coming off on clothing or sheets. REFRAIN from getting an erection (except morning wood) for the full two weeks. Everytime you get an erection, you stretch open the tears. Please trust me, I was a paramedic for 15 years. Medics here in Ontario Canada must go to college for two years, we are not glorified first aiders. Once you resume your sex life after treatment, apply unscented hand lotion a couple of times a day, every day for at least a month. If you are going to have bareback sex then make sure you use lube... this is to moisten your penis, not to make it easy to enter.  Please let me know how you make out. :)
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great thank you so much for your advice :) i am really looking forward to fixing this problem and resuming my sex life without ever having to worry about down low! its bee a huge stress and on going issue since last November for me! i think i really never gave it a chance to fully heal and resumed with master baiting and sex without thinking twice.

The dermatologist prescribed me anti inflammatories that aren't steroids so i may use that instead.

did you recover from this yourself? or still having the issue?
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I think it's time to see a dermatologist or at least find a different urologist.

It could be a result from the steroid cream, and the derm might have a non-steroidal cream for you to use. It could be a fungal infection, or just really dry skin.

Do you use any lube when you masturbate? Condoms or lube when you have sex? Do you have a regular sex partner? Perhaps you are just being continually reinfected with a fungal infection, like maybe your partner has a yeast infection she/he/they doesn't even know about.

If it seems to get worse when you masturbate or have sex, definitely avoid that for now, unless you want the derm to see it at it's worst, which isn't a bad idea. Take pics, too, to show the doc.

I wouldn't suggest a circumcision. That's an extreme idea right now. If your foreskin is retracting as it should be, there probably isn't a need for that.
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I think i may seak a dermatologist. Im a believer the tears were from dry friction. I both use and don't use lube when i do, condoms are used for sex almost all the time except for my regular sex partner we don't use one usually. she seems very clean herself, nothing unusual down there and was recently checked, everything good for her.

I have already documented my markings and took pics of them at their very worst, i think i may refrain from constant activity for the time being. Okay great, so as long as there is still a little bit of hope for repairing this issue I'm happy..

lastly, it seems like the area is slightly scarred from the friction from sex and master baiting and me not really giving it along time to heal.. which could be hard at points.
Good - ruling out a recurring yeast infection is a good first step. That can be hard to get rid of.

Yeah, maybe give yourself a break. It may not be easy, but it might be easier now for a little bit than for longer later, right?

Let me know what the derm says.
Hi again!

So the dermatologist said i was getting ulcers from friction. he looked carefully and noticed that blood vessels has broken on those three spots that get irritated all of the time. He said keep doing what you are doing and you don't need to refrain from sex. also the steroid cream i was prescribed from the urologist was not strong at all.

He prescribed me a non-steroid cream anti-inflammatory and instructed me to use it twice a day for as long as i need it up to 2 months, i booked a follow up appointment with him after for showing him updates.
Awesome. I hope it all works. :) Keep us posted!
Hi! so refraining from sex definitely helps. the cream helps heal the area when it is not agitated by friction. will continue to not have sex for awhile.

Also this little shiny bump on my penis head is bothering me when i look at it. all the doctors look at it and say its nothing but its strange cause it definitely does not look like the rest of my penis head skin and has not improved at all with cream. I was scared to think its a wart but i am unsure as the urologist, doctor, and dermatologist say otherwise.

What the heck is this thing? i wish i can send an image but its: tiny, painless, shiny in light, does not follow my penis head anatomy... had it since February and if i put cream on my head and rub my finger gently over it, i can feel like its slightly elevated... very minor.

Did the derm ever suggest psoriasis as a cause for any of this?

If you google "shiny spot on penis head", psoriasis is all of the top results. Google that, and look at images and see if it matches. This has some pics - you don't need to worry about herpes, but this has some decent pics of psoriasis, though I suspect some are far worse than what you have - https://www.healthline.com/health/psoriasis/psoriasis-vs-herpes

He did not really have an opinion about it. I will ask again but definitely not like the pictures at all. Also it is not scaly and dry. Just looks like a shiny bump that is the same hydration level as the rest of my skin on the penis head. It has worries me because it is just there and has no symptoms. Its concerning no one really knows what it is but it definitely was not there prior to last February.

should i be concerned for a wart?
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