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Discomfort and Pain After Ejaculating

I've been having a strange issue for a few years now. Almost immediately after ejaculation, a sense of pressure and even uncomfortable/painful burn/tingling feeling can be felt in the tip of my penis. It can be somewhat lessened if right as ejaculation starts, I stop all stimulation to the penis, thus somewhat lessoning the orgasm itself. If I do this at night, and go lay down in bed, after a short while I will begin to feel a painful tingling in the tip of my penis, which will start to make me feel like I need to pee, and I will sometimes even have to actually go pee.

Note this sensation does not happen any other time.
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An appointment with an urologist is always a good idea if you have questions or concerns regarding reproductive health. Also you could try this: drink copious amounts of water before masturbation, wash your penis before and after masturbation, try not to touch the opening at the tip of your penis (meatus) at any time, urinate after masturbation. This should prevent urinary infections and irritation of meatus.
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I was given the advice about water and UTI's from my doctor as well.  
Not sure this is actually practical, though, and certainly not aware of easily getting infections in the opening.  It gets touched all the time, so just not sure about that.  If you drink a ton of water before sex, you're going to have to urinate, folks, and that really really takes the buzz off of sex.  While I agree regularly drinking enough water does help the kidneys, too much water isn't a great idea, and again, nobody wants to feel like they have to urinate while enjoying sex.  
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If this has been going on for that long I'd see a urologist.  I've had a painful orgasm but it was following prostate surgery for an enlarged prostate.  It's all connected down there -- the prostate, the bladder, the nerves going to and fro, plus other body parts nearby that could be inflamed and pressing on a nerve.  Orgasm is a powerful force, so it's possible something is going on with the prostate.  It's also possible and probably likely doctors won't actually find anything and recommend some random drug or other for nerve problems, but at least you'll have some diagnostic look at it just to see.  But I have to say, it does sound a lot like what some people feel after a bad outcome prostate surgery so it might have something to do with that.  
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