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Dizziness, fatigue, brain cloud and cold sweats - Doctor cannot find anything

Dear all,

For about a week now Ive been feeling dizzy, and are experiencing cold sweats, and fatigue. The dizziness can perhaps better be explained at a fog on my brain. When walking i feel sometimes out of balance and rather want to sit down. Im also tired and my body and mind feels tired.
My body also feels really warm, but when i went to the doctor the other day, I didnt have a temperature.

The trigger was when I did a run/sprint for about 10 minutes. I was completely exhausted and the next day i felt like this. I also had more or less the same thing about one year ago. I then went to the doctor 3 times, and they gave me firs antibiotics, then the flu-shot, and took blood samples. But didnt find anything. The condition subsided, but then sprang to life again whenever i would do something pfysically straining to my body. I then started swiming instead of running, which was ok. As I havnt been ill for about 6 months, i thought that i was OK again, but then last week i fell ill again, and its the same story.

I feel horrible, and cannot really concentrate or do anything useful.

Tomorrow i start new job, and so the timing is pretty bad! I just want to be well again!!! And get to the bottom as to what is causeing this.

Does any of this sound familiar???? Any help would be deeply appreciated!

The only good thing about this, is that it help me to realise how lucky i am when Im not sick!

Imensely greatful for any help or insight! :)

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Your condition sounds similar to one of the 2 conditions, (maybe both) - hypothyroidism, (underactive thyroid), and hypogonadism, (low testosterone).
You will need to have blood tests done to verify either of these conditions. And based on my experience, as I have both conditions, you may be in for a fight to have your testosterone level checked.
If either or both conditions are diagnosed you then will more than likely have to fight to get the appropriate treatment. Most doctors are only concerned with getting your levels into the "normal range". But what may be normal for me could still leave you feeling lousy. So you have to be patiently persistant with your doctor in helping him/her help you feel better.
Here are 2 great resources
  For testosterone issues: "The Testosterone Syndrome" a great book by Eugene Shippen.
  For thyroid issues go to: http://thyroid.about.com/  a wonderful site hosted by Mary Shomon that will give you all of the info. you will need to talk intelligently with your doctor.

Hope this helps!
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This sounds exactly like what my husband is going through.  Add infrequent hives after running, loss of upper body muscle mass and somewhat low libido and that is him. He also seems to have lost weight without trying. We already went the heart route to eliminate the most serious first which turned out okay and finally got blood test results on Friday that showed an extremely low free testosterone level.  His total testosterone level was in normal range..so you must make sure they do the free testosterone level too. My husband is 45 and has run his whole life.  Today we will meet with his doctor to talk about repeating the test because he has again leveled out and ask for a ot more hormone tests before we start any injections, creams, pellets or gels.  An MRI also might be in order to check for a pituitary tumor. I just saw that your problem was posted over a year ago. Can you tell us what happened?  Was it a hormone problem and how did you treat it?
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Hi a possible food allergy? Try to write down everything you eat & then how you feel after each meal, approx 20 minutes or so.

After a week or so, see if there are any patterns. & Then if there are, take this list to your doc & show him/her.
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definately get your thryoid levels checked  the hypothyroid will do this to you. get it checked and let us know what you find out,
Love Venora
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I am 46 yrs old male with similar problems.  Checked Thyroid first, turned out everything (TSH, T3, T4) is in the extreme low range, plus discoved 5 nodules in both lobes while untrasound.  Did the pituatary MRI and no tumor and was ok. So I am not sure how to proceed with Thyroid (remove it completely?) I don't know.  

Checked Testosterone, found total is 211, did it again in one month in a different lab was 224, both blood test doen at 9 Am.  I feel awful, little dizzy, lack of balance, sleepy, very tired, brian fog, Body ache, I exercise for 5 minuts and I feel exhausted.  I have been dealing with this for over a year.  I dodn't want to take testosterone repalcement before due to risk of growth like prostate, but now I think I should start the replacement.

Do you know if bioavailable testosterone is better than the Androgel? that was my endo doctor wanted to give me? If so, how do you get it and does insurance cover it?
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My husband is going throught the samething drenched night sweats I have to get up at night up to 2 times to change the sheets, dont know what is going on.  but i am very worried.
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I have been going through this problem for years. I want to find out if iomebody has the same symtoms. I feel weak all the time, dizziness and pain all over my body. I have seem a lot of doctors and none of them has been able to find what is wrong with me. They have checked my thyroid an d my blood work does not show any serious abnormalities. sometimes feel heaviness in my head. My doctor has ordered an MRI on monday and I still don't think that is the course.
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I had the same symptoms and went to an anti-aging doc in Tucson. My Testosterone levels were below 300 and falling, I'm 57. My wife now injects me once a week with 1ml Testosterone Cypionate. I also take 1/2 tablet of Arimidex which is an estrogen suppressor, a small dose.I feel great! My doc and his research group have been at this for 15 years so he knows the ropes. The injections are the best way to introduce the hormone by far he says.I'm gaining muscle mass and have great energy. You don't have to be middle age to have low T levels. It happens at various stages in life. T starts to decline starting at around age 30 usually.
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A related discussion, i have been havint the same symptoms was started.
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do you have the doctors name in tucson???
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so did you figure it out i feel the same way?
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Have your vitamin D checked!!  I had the same problems and found my vitamin D was 8ng/ml in Jan 2015 severely low,  should be 50 to 80.
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