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Do I have Kidney Stones?

Hello, I am having a urinating problem. When I urinate, it feels like part of my urethra gets stuck together. I am also having slight lower back pains, so I am suspecting it could be a kidney stone. But, the weird thing is I if I move my thing a certain way, then they "sticking" between my urethra wont occur. I am 18 and only taking acutane for my skin. Thanks.
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It sounds a lot like a bladder or kidney infection to me with the back pain. As far as "your thing" sticking together when you pee, it could just be the way it is bent. Think of a garden hose and pinching the hose together or bending it while trying to spray water. It changes the flow of water. I would make an appointment with your doctor and have them check you for a possible bladder or kidney infection. As far as wondering if you have kidney stones, all I can say is I hope you don't because they are the male equivalent to giving birth as far as pain goes and I've even heard some women say that it's worse than giving birth having experienced both. Not trying to scare you just trying to be honest and help you to be prepared if that's what it turns out to be is kidney stones. Hopefully if it's any of the 3 it's just a simple bladder infection that will clear up with a few days of antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon!
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