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Do I need testosterone to increase sex drive?

I'm a fairly normal male that enjoys sex like anyone else, but I've always been a very non-aggressive person and my sex drive has been lower than the typical male and lower than my wife's. When we do have sex, after I finish, I have absolute no desire for a second round. That's how I feel physically, but I really do want to be one of those guys that wants to do it twice in a day or night, or have a higher urge throughout the week. I know I'm ok physically, my erections are healthy and I can perform when excited, I just don't have a strong desire most of the time.
I've been to a urologist before for a different reason (8+years ago) and he indicated that my testosterone was a little low at that time, now I'm older and I assume it's worse.  
I exercise pretty regularly and consider myself pretty fit. I do this to naturally increase testosterone, plus general health reasons. So I think I'm doing what I can naturally.

Has anyone had low testosterone and had similar symptoms? Has any had success with testosterone supplements (by a doctor or the one's you see on TV)?  I want to be a more aggressive and sexually hungry man!

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   You appear to be an absolutely healthy person with balanced emotions. Depending upon one's body  and mental attributes, there are differences among individuals. May be by artificially boosting the body chemicals, you may have short term benefits, but in the long run it may do harm. So, I would advise you to be natural rather than to beef up your capacity artificially. It is only my opinion.

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Do you under a lot of stress at work or at home?
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Thanks for the advice. I will continue to do what I'm doing as far as exercise and being healthy in general. I'm not un-happy with the results I get so far, I'm just looking for some ideas on how to make it even better. Thanks for your response.
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I wouldn't say I'm under a lot of stress, but I'm definitely under average to above average stress with my job. Lots of early morn conf calls, deadlines..., but nothing that I would consider unhealthy.
In terms of stress and my sex life, I have noticed that when we go on vacation, after a day of not working, I definitely feel more "loving".
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