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Does folliculitis always have a hair in the center?

The area in question is on the side of my shaft, where there's two bumps of folliculitis with a hair directly coming out of each. There is a bump near these, offset a little bit, and it looks the same as the other ones that I know for sure are folliculitis just without a hair protruding.  It's been about a month since I shaved the area.

No pain or irritation until I decided to pinch it off between my thumbnails. (I know..)
It was not blister-like, more like under the skin, very small.
Not clustered, just a few spots here and there a few mm apart, no redness or rash.
I think a small amount of sebum/liquid came out, but now the area is open & healing like a popped zit.
There seems to be a tiny black dot in the center, which I'm thinking could be a hair beginning to grow out. I can't tell.

In any case though, is it possible for a bump of folliculitis to appear NEXT TO, but not directly ON a follicle?
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