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ED - High prolactin?

I'm 37 and married for 11 years with a great sex life (no complain at all). I used to have morning erection almost every day, and some spontaneous erections along the day.

Since one month ago (Jan/2013) I started having a severe ED problem. Spontaneous erection became very rare and don't last more than a few seconds. When I try to have sex relation with my wife, I almost always lose erection or even can't get erection at all. When I manage to complete a sex relation, it lasts only a few minutes, and we can't even think of changing positions, otherwise I lose erection.  

I went to my urologist, he asked for blood tests and some of them caught my attention:
- Testosterone: 528 ng/dL (it's within the limits, but I consider low)
- Prolactine: 21.68 ng/mL (it's over the upper limit 19.40, and way over the average for a man, 6.99)

My urologist minimized the situation. He said my ED is only emotional. But, come on, I'm married for 11 years, I feel very comfortable with my wife and I'm in a great moment in my professional life. I know my ED is not emotional.

I'm not fat, I go to the gym almost every day and practice running (about 6 miles per day). No alcohol nor cigarettes.

Can my recent ED problem be related to the prolactin or testosterone level?
Can it be related to gym or running activities?
Can high prolactin be associated with exercises?
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Hi LC, How long before you had your blood test did you run or was at the gym, it seems if did either then your prolactin levels would be naturaly high?
Your Ts are over mid line, if you had low Ts things like beard growth you would notice, you probably would notice an energy drop, so your running would be off.
OK I'm now in ED recovery, all through herbs and a hormone, I will email you a couple of posts, I have on an ED site franktalk.
Good Luck
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My doctor asked for a second prolactin test (at a different Lab) and the result was VERY different: 2.6.
I learned that prolactin varies along the day, but I don't think in that magnitude. I believe in a lab mistake.
I'll repeat all the tests in a few weeks, but I think I'll have to find the ED cause anywhere else (venous leakage maybe).

I received your messages. Thank you for sharing your experience, it kind of motivates me.
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After a few weeks, ED problem is not happening anymore.

The same it appeared, it suddenly disappeared.
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Hi LC thank you for coming back, so things are now back to normal, sex life back up there, and no funny looks from the trouble and strife= wife, then things are good.again thank you.
Good Luck
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