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ED Problem: Please Help

I am 32 and I have a ED problem since I was 25. I went two urologists and went through tests and nothing wrong was seen. Both doctors recommend me to use Cialis 5mg. When I take Cialis 5mg, everything becomes right. However, I do not want to take medication at this age and want to learn the reason behind that.

One thing that makes me wondered is that I do not feel anything when I am playing with my penis with my hand. It does not get up with my hands. However, when I go to bed, lean one side, NOT FACE-DOWN, and rub my penis against to the bed, I got very solid erection in a second.  As my position is not prone, I get away from "traumatic masturbatory syndrome." I do not have morning erections, yet I have night erections ( I realize them when I randomly wake up while I was sleeping).  I am really depressed because of this problem at this age, please help me, thanks..

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You problem is almost certainly performance anxiety  --  you are looking at yourself trying to get an erection, at least at a subliminal level. The way to cure this is to stop challenging yourself. If I knew more about your situation re partner etc I might help you more.
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Thank you for your reply. Is that happening even masturbating with hand? I am saying because it does not get up with hand masturbating. And, is there any method I can use myself to get over it or any pill? Thanks..
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Your situation is troubling, since you "do not feel anything" when masturbating.  Do you shave the shaft of your penis or apply lotions of any kind to it?  I am wondering if you are doing anything that would change or numb any skin sensations along the shaft.  
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Thanks for your reply first. Nope, I do not shave the shaft and do not use any lotion for masturbating. However, as I said, when I go to bed, lean one-side, NOT FACE-DOWN, and rub it againts the bed, it gets erected just in a second.

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