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ED and libido

Hello! First of all, i apologize if my english typing has some errors, because not native speaker. Sorry for pretty long post, tried to provide enough information.

Some background:
In my past:

As 20 year old, it was still normal for me to have daily sexual activity...even multiple times a day and erections were healthy strong. Then something happened, on a one day around 21-22 years old i had still normal desire but penis didn't become hard. Then next day again worked normally but gradually things has become worse and worse. Around age of 27 had to have 2 weeks of abstaining in order to achieve normal stronger erection and higher libido.

Current situation:

I am around 30 years old. Skinny: BMI around 18.5-19 (been always). Never used alcohol, smoked or so. Exercising moderately (like always), something like 1-4 times in a week, 0-2 times 30 mins jogging, and other times some muscle training. Diet is healthy; just avoiding junk food and excess sugar. No depression, no medications.

Despite of my pretty healthy life style i still have big problems with my erections and libido.

First of all my morning woods are almost non-existent. Some rare good mornings i may have it but even then always somewhat soft or really soft.

Secondly, my spontaneus erections are also almost non-existent. Such a nice blood-rush, heart pumping feeling, haven't had it basically for years. Really miss it. It may happen estimately couple-few times in year but it is rare. That blood-rush, heart pump feeling, it isn't happening anymore althought achieving erection.

Penis and scrotum also seems to lost much of sensitivity. Especially pleasure sensitivity. Touching them doesn't feel anymore much special. Thought glans is still the most sensitive part even it doesn't give much pleasure. And actually scrotum feels often more like pair of rubber balls. It can be tapped and stroked without any special feeling. It's just hanging down there. The skin can sense some pain if pinched between nails.The positive tingling, "electricity" feeling which used to accompany with sexual stimulation has disappeared.

With a woman or masturbating through some manual stimulation, i am often but not always able to achieve okay erection (but slowly), and it usually stays okay. Thought it has happened sometimes that the closer the climax the softer erection becomes. Erection almost never really is as hard as it could be. I don't feel such a good tension in abdominals and penis. Glans stays usually more soft side and erection angle is lower than it could be. I can push penis be harder by contracting some muscles but it is just a brief moment. I am also often losing erection in seconds if there's no manual stimulation. In some rare cases penis may stay longer erected,so it probably points that there's no any severe venous leakage.

I suppose this losing erection fast is probably due to insufficient erection firmness...the stronger erection the better it cuts the blood outflow. Isn't it so?

Things doesn't seem to get much better even if i abstain from sexual activity like 2 weeks or month. Libido may be bit higher but oddly achieving and holding erection actually may be even more challenging. Sometimes it is opposite.

However, i can feel some sort of need to release semen/sperm. Such a sexual pressure somewhere in prostate, vas deferens, and testicles. However it isn't much helping erections. And even if achieving erection there's still often missing such a stronger physical and mental reaction.

Difficult to estimate how strong this ejaculation desire is but it may feel uncomfortable.This feels like my mind and body are ready for ejaculation but not for erections.

And women, they do attract my mind and causes desire to ejaculate but often penis has no much reaction.

Testicles are normal size, beard and hairs are growing. Refractory time feels normal.

Some more symptoms, probably related:

However, having often odd tension and restlessness around my body which often manifesting itself as unintended leg(s) shaking while sitting (not uncontrollable). Rarely sleeping like a baby even thought getting usually 7-9 hours sleep. Not waking up fresh. Upon waking up often joints cracking/popping and may experience some numbness in arm(s). And somehow i have always horrible dry mouth when waking up (tried to push liquid intake up but no help). The dryness has become worse during the years. Scrotum is rarely hanging down relaxed, often pretty tight. Penis is also often more in tighter and cooler than relaxed and warmer state.

Some adult acne which usually become worse after sexual activity, even just after some slight edging...which makes me confused.

What i have tried to overcome this problem...

-testosterone enhanching foods
-limiting estrogen foods
-zinc, magnesium, fish oil, protein supplements (some vitamin D but somehow even 25µg daily gives me headache, so cannot intake it)
-darken bed room as much as possible for better sleep
-cold/hot showers for penis/scrotum for better blood circulation
-relaxation, meditation
-loose underwear, none while sleeping, and taking care not causing overheating to testicles while sitting
-sprints and intense compound training

Planning to try some maca, and in some point i'll get some hormonal tests.

Doctors said that i am basically healthy. Basic blood values, like thyroid, blood sugar are all in normal scale. Blood pressure normal.

I am feeling it might be some sort of vitamin/mineral deficiency, and/or hormonal including stress hormones. I've tried to crawl through many symptoms on internet but can't nail the exact cause. Testosterone deficiency would be easy guess but i feel maybe too easy, and maybe not the true cause if taking into account my testing with foods, supplements, exercising and so, which have had almost zero effect on the condition.

Any suggestions what could cause this? Do my symptoms points to anything specific? All ideas appreciated!
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