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Easily irritated and very dry glans of penis.

I am a 17-year-old uncircumcised male with no prior sexual experience. My problem first began 10-ish months ago. While I was taking a shower I noticed a slight rash on the corona of my glans, there was no itchiness, no discharge, no pain, no bumps, just a red rash. After 6-7 days my foreskin was inflamed and I felt a burning sensation when pulling it back. I then decided to visit my GP and he prescribed me Ketoconazole topical and sent me off. I then used the Ketoconazole cream on my foreskin and the inflammation went down in around 3 days. After the inflammation wore off I used the cream on the red rash on my glans, after using it for over 3 weeks I saw no improvement. Instead, the area in which I used the cream on (The middle part of the glans down to the corona) was shiny and somewhat sensitive. My GP then prescribed me a baby cream named Bepanthen and eventually, my skin stopped being shiny and hypersensitive.
Sadly, the red rash on my corona was still there. After that, the skin that was previously damaged by Ketoconazole was very dry and easily irritated with masturbation and sometimes, even from erections. Every time I retract my foreskin it feels like I'm ripping a bandage off of my skin. I then went to a different doctor and he prescribed me Miconazole topical, which did nothing. I then returned and he gave me an antibiotic oral medication and some ointment, no success. After that, I've been prescribed various oral antibiotics and an oral antifungal with no improvement to the rash, easily irritated and dry skin. the medications I was prescribed were:

- Itraconazole.
- Amoxicillin/Clavulanic Acid.
- Norfloxacin (Had to be taken off of it early due to side effects).
- Another antibiotic that I can't recall the name to.
- Nitrofurantoin (This was used for an infection I had at the time, not for the rash).

I've had this for almost a year and have had no success in treating it. I wash my penis every day without soaps or any other irritants, I don't use any products for cleaning my glans, so I doubt it's an allergy. If I use lubricants on my glans it does not get as irritated when masturbating. The irritated skin heals back eventually within two to four days. The rash is still there, at its original size. Very recently I've tried using a different antifungal cream (Terbinafine) that I thought was helping because the irritation and dryness disappeared, but I then realized it was just because the cream was lubricating my foreskin.
At times, usually after masturbation, my glans appears to be wrinkly, but this only lasts for a few minutes/hours. I am not actually sure if it has always been like this, but I suspect it has not.
I would also like to point out, I used to have phimosis but I am now able to retract my foreskin perfectly fine. I had phimosis up until the age of 13.
All of this has made me very self-conscious about myself and I truly hope someone can help me, or even relate to my problem and give me some advice.
Thank you for reading this very long post and I hope you'll be able to help me in some way.
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