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Enlarged right breast

Let me give a little background first. I have a history of DDD/DJD and have had continuous steroid shots over the years. My last steroid shot was Nov. 2012. I noticed my right breast was enlarged and the nipple was somewhat painful. I had a mammogram done and it showed negative. The nipple pain has somewhat decreased but the breast is still enlarged. My doctor said he can do some 'minor surgery' or something like that. What type of procedure would be required here? Appreciate your comments.

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Hello and hope you are doing well.
In your case it is possible that the anabolic steroids and androgens have caused breast enlargement. The treatment of breast enlargement depends on the cause. Avoiding the medication if possible may prevent further enlargement. The surgical option for enlarged breasts is liposuction to remove fat and scalpel surgery to remove glandular tissue. It is usually done by a plastic surgeon and it takes almost 60-90 minutes. It helps in improving the appearance and if you have any doubts it is best to consult your doctor. Keep me posted.
Best luck and take care!
3112530 tn?1434035633
Thank you for your reply. I see my doctor next month. I don't see a serious medical need here and have talked to my doctor about this. He didn't mention liposuction but said there was a procedure that could be done so I will discuss this with him in more detail when I see him.
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