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Epididymitis (Pain in testicle tube/groin area)?


About four years ago I suffered from testicle pain and was told by the doctor and a urologist that I had a varicocele in my left testicle tube. For the last six - eight weeks I have been getting pain in my left testicle tube and groin area. I also sometimes get pain in my left flank. I am in China at the moment lthough will be returning to Britain next week.

I have been to two doctors here. They both said I have epididymitis and prescribed my antibiotics. The first doctor gave me Ceflaxin for three days and it didn't do much. I went to a second doctor who gave me an ultrasound on my testicles, kidneys and a urine test prescribed me Zithromax.

I am on the second to last of a six day course of this antibiotic and whilst the testicle tube pain is not so prominent, I can still feel it. Also, there is a definite sensation of pressure in both side of my groin.

By giving me Zithromax, I presume the doctor thinks I have an STD (Chlamidya). I haven't been sexually active for 5 months, in which case the chlamidya must have been dormant and then become suddenly active. Is this possible? I am taking 2 x 250mg Zithromax a day (for six days total) - How long will it be until the effects kick in?

I am concerned that the antibiotics are making little difference and would like to know what is going on. Any advice welcome!
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