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Married ten years. Vasectomy two years ago. Jan / Feb this year go on diet and loose two stone in two months. Get constipated. Had one quite traumatic time on the toilet. On there for half hour. Strained far too hard. 5 days later testicles start tingling / slight pain. After ten days go to doc and put on Doxycycline. Not working, pain getting worse so five days later get put on ciproflaxin for 4 weeks. Two weeks later pain getting worse still. Reaches peak pain. Don't sleep for 36 hours. Given strong pain killers. Pain stays the same for a week then subsides. Pain doesn't wholly go away so 4 weeks later get put on two weeks Doxycycline and two weeks on another antioboitic. No change. Referred to urologist but as in UK the NHS being what it is my appointment is in Feb 2020! Left in low level dull ache. Scrotum is red and warm. Epidermis is inflamed. Cysts in both epidermis hurt on and off. Anyone got any ideas???!!! Does the fact my vas deferens being cut an sealed stop any retrograde infection / reflux of urine? Tested for chlmyedia / gonnoreah and negative. If I do have something then it hasn't caused any symptoms and I've had it since before married. No other symptoms eg UTI etc. Anyone had anything similar? Cheers!
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I thought I had epidymitis my left testicle was red and slightly bigger but my doctor said it was normal. I don’t know what to do either but what you can do is get your sperm tested to see if there is any bacteria in it
Yeah I read about that but the thing is my sperm is stuck in my epidermis as the vas deferens have been cut and sealed. No where for it to go. The rest of it (ejaculate) comes from the prostate and I suppose what ever is in there will be in my epidermis but as far as I can tell the two are now separate with no way of retrograde infection so what would cause a dormant bit of bacteria stuck in my epidermis for two years to suddenly start causing issues. All very confusing.
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Can epiditmytis only be red and swollen or does it always hurt?
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