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Erectile function?

I started experiencing erection problems at the beginning of this year. Can get it up with constant stimulation but it shoots right back down when stimulation stops. I also lost morning wood. Prior to this, I was able to get rock hard. Doctor intially thought it was just a depression/anxiety problem, so I started getting talk therapy and started a med for depression. I got placed on a med that won't hinder erectile function. Had a doppler ultrasound done today and the doctor didn't find anything out of the ordinary. Getting offical results from radiologist back tomorrow but he assured me everything should be alright.

Now for my question... can depression/anxiety really kill an erection that quickly and eliminate morning wood? I'm a healthy, fit 22 year old guy, so erectile problems used to be on the back of my mind. Doctor doesn't want to do anymore physical testing since a venous leak is ruled out, but something just seems odd about this. Any help appreciated, thanks.
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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:
- Stress & Depression
- Alcohol & Smoking
- Medications
- Anxiety & Low Self-Esteem
- Overweight & Obesity
- Underlying Health Conditions
Most men with erectile dysfunction, can be treated by means of the following:
Psychotherapy (counseling)
Medications (drug therapy)
Vacuum devices (pumps)

Have you tried any medications? There are multiple options for you. Be more positive!
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Thanks for the response. I'm on a depression med, no erection meds yet. Doctor thinks it's all psychological due to my age. Something just seems off about my issue, though. Even though it went down quickly, I woke up with morning wood this morning. Doppler ultrasound results came back normal. Doctor says my penis is healthy with good blood flow, so that's not the issue. I'm just hoping this isn't something nerve related. I'm able to get an erection through stimulation/some morning wood, but I'm not sure if that necessarily eliminates the possiblity of penile nerve damage.
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low test at your young age?  or  the depression can def do it---i am 55 and just starting to deal with it thanks to heart meds
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Had my testosterone checked and the results didn't indicate a concern. Doppler ultrasound came back... doc says my blood flow looks great and there was no sign of venous leak. Going on 3 and a half months now with problems... I'm getting real worried and that's not helping this whole issue.
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No. I was on a beta blocker for my migraines for the past 6 years... Doctor pulled me off those at the beginning of this year but he doesn't think that's the issue since I was on such a low dose and I never experienced a single side effect. With the medication, I'm also getting talk therapy. I've always had performance anxiety in sexual situations so he's trying to help me through that, assuming that's making the issue worse.
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