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Erection and premature ejaculation

Hello, please anyone know ,
I have one problem is that problem or not please help in that ,
If i watch porn penis get erect after 1 min
But my question is i can't maintain or hold erection without stimulation (means by hand ) watching porn continuously not stimulation goes down why??
When i start to watch porn after 1 min penis goes down without stimulation ??
But if i stimulate by hand continuous then i can stay as much i want to ?
It it ed ?? Sometime i ejaculate within sec or within min or someone within 3-5 min , by applying oil slowly mastrubate take 10 min is it normal ??
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Hey there, it's not unusual for guys to have different responses to porn or sexual stimulation. Sometimes, just watching porn can get things going, but keeping it up without any hands-on action might be tricky for some. It could be a sign of erectile dysfunction (ED), especially if you struggle to maintain an erection without manual stimulation.

As for finishing quickly, like within seconds or a few minutes, that's pretty common too. Everyone's different, and how long it takes to reach orgasm can vary a lot.

If these issues are bothering you or happening often, it's worth chatting with a doctor. They can help figure out if there's an underlying issue causing these challenges and suggest ways to improve your sexual health and enjoyment. Don't sweat it too much—lots of guys deal with similar stuff, and there's help available.
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The very first time I had intercourse, I don't think I had time to thrust into her warm and wet two times; I was so excited I deposited my 21-year-old sperm into her and was done.
I’ve been working on my control by nearly daily use of a soft silicone male intimate massager with a small vibrator inside. I get to orgasm without needing to aggressively work on my sweet spot, since the massager is configured to place the vibrator right there. After 1-2 months of doing this I’m still not really having much success in holding back my release, but it feels great to try tightening my pelvic muscles and my orgasms last for a full 15-20 seconds.
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Age is 21 but I don't know means if doesn't stimulate then it will goes within 1 min why ?? That's the problem is it ed ??
If i am not watching porn then erection without stimulation remains 2-3 min sometimes 5-6 min

What if i complete stop watching porn will i able to stay erect as much i want to i do have morning wood
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I don't know if you'll be able to stay erect. That's what you need to find out. If you can maintain an erection now without watching porn, for as long as 5-6 min, then I'd say you will probably be able to if you completely stop watching.

Why is this causing you so much anxiety?

When it goes away without the stimulation, are you anxious? Maybe you're just bored.
Yeah I can maintain erection for 5-10 min without stimulation
But worried about does it will affect me in future
I have desire to watch porn but after stimulation erection gone within 1-2 min but if stimulation it can stay continuously erection is it erectile dysfunction please tell me i am getting morning wood daily and i am in anxiety about it
Morning erections are normal.

I don't think much of anything you do at 21 will affect you in the future, as far as masturbation. How often are you masturbating? Limit it to once or twice a day, and you'll be fine.

Is anxiety a problem for you? Is this the only thing you worry about like this?
The problem is only that I can stay erect by stimulating using hand but when I don't use hand the penis erection goes away within minutes while watching porn is it normal ?? That what i am asking
I am doing 3-4 times a week
I have a female doctor and let's say 4 out of 5 times I get an erection  but I'm so use to it it doesn't bother her or I. And I have a male Urologist and I've had a few with him because he's touching the genitals.  Dave
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How often are you watching porn? How old are you?

The variations in time for you to ejaculate is normal. That's not a concern at all. Premature ejaculation means you can't stop the ejaculation every time before you want to ejaculate, usually within a couple of minutes. This also usually applies to penetration, and not just masturbation.

I wonder if you've just sort of trained your brain to need the constant visual and manual stimulation for an erection. What happens if you stop watching porn?

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Please give advice to me regain or give solution to this please

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