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Erection problems

Hi, I'm 23, I was watching internet porn for about last 8-7 years, till last week I used to masturbate almost every day. About 2 yeas ago it was the first time I experienced what now I believe is ED, I was ready to go down on a girl when I noticed my penis was becoming soft making me unable to penetrate, it was really weird although it didn't happen for a while after that. Now it happened at least 4 times in the last year, and I'm starting to think that somewhat permanent. Also I noticed that when I try to masturbate, it becomes hard but it points down and becomes soft real quick if I stop. I remember not that long, it used to point straight up, so thats also weird. There's no constant morning wood, although sometimes I feel kind of little spasm feeling.  I bought few pills of viagra generic(sildenafil) but dont really want to take it, it's kind of last resort but not sure what else to do. What do you guys think?
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Are you seeing a doctor?  (who gave you the Viagra?)

You're experienced with porn, but, are you experienced with girls?  (Did you have earlier problems or was this happening during pretty much your first adventure of this character with a girl?)
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This is performance anxiety erectile dysfunction. Looking at yourself and wondering quickly becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. When you have a regular partner take intercourse off the menu for a while and you will be fine.  
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I'm a little worried because even by myself I cant seem to achieve a proper erection (80 degrees at least) like I used to.
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I'm experienced with girls, it's just been kind of a long period of only porn. It happened once and then it followed almost every time with other girls
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I agree that it's a form of performance anxiety here, and also suspect that you were more than somewhat surprised, embarrassed and perhaps even a bit traumatized by this unexpectedly happening and your self-confidence has become shaken.  

So much so, that you've been dwelling on it (perhaps to the point of obsession?) and now this problem is repeating itself and even carrying over somewhat to plain masturbation times.  I urge you to take an extended break and work at becoming at piece with yourself.  Our brain's our largest sexual organ, if we're not at ease we're not going to do well (if at all).
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Thanks, I will use your advice, threre's probably no other option here, although this anxiety is killing me.
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It's not good to dwell needlessly on worrisome matters.

May I message you with a list of my earlier posts containing anxiety coping tips?
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Please do!
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Ok so, here's an update. I tried those viagra generic pills, took just 1/3 of a pill, everything worked smoothly, sex was very good. I seem to get morning wood everyday now, and don't have to use any pills anymore. I'm not sure what was the problem, but it would think that it had to do something with the blood flow.
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