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Estradiol test results confusion

I took a saliva test to test my Estrogen levels (Estradiol) and I'm confused about the results. I'm sure its just a conversion thing but I can't seem to find any information on it.

I have read that a normal Estradiol range for men is between 20 pg/ml and 40 pg/ml, however my numbers look a little different and I'm not sure how to compare.

My results were

Estradiol 4,2 pg/ml - "normal range" of 0,4 - 2,5 (above normal)
Progesterone 52,0 - "normal range" of 45 - 650 pg/ml
Progesterone/Estradiol Ratio 10,6

Results were Estradiol dominance

How do I equate/convert the Estradiol number into the range that everyone talks about.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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Lab results are frustrating, aren't they?  I swear doctors should not give them to you until they can sit down with you and go over them. What I know is that in your teens, estrogen is low and testosterone is high.  As we get older, our estrogen level increases.  That's normal. A lot of times as our estrogen level gets higher, our testosterone level gets lower.  This equates a bit to the old cliché about sex drive in men, being crazy in the teens and less so as we get old. Having higher than normal levels of estrogen though are linked to prostate cancer and heart disease.  And they are probably going to want to make sure there is nothing like a tumor in your testes. There's also all those other things like enlarged breast tissue, loss of muscle mass and erectile dysfunction that can happen too if estrogen gets too out of control for a dude.  None of this is to scare you, but just that you want to follow up on this.

I agree that your results look funky with the ranges that they give.  But look high.  

When do you see your doctor to discuss?
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By the way, I saw this that might help.  Diet for men to help reduce estrogen. https://www.healthline.com/health/low-testosterone/anti-estrogen-diet-men  It's all that healthy stuff, not surprising.  It's got red grapes on it though which I personally like.
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