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Excess skin after circumcision
My 2 yr old son has excess skin I have to pull back to clean, he refuses to do this without a fight. It's hard to tell if his penis is sore or sensitive. This is my very 1st son so all this is new to me, his father mentioned that he was circumcized right. My concern is an infection setting up since he doesn't allow me to pull back the skin & clean him good. What I'm wanting to know is should I have to pull the skin back to clean him? I thought once the circumcision was done the penis itself is exposed with no surrounding skin. I have consulted his Pediatrician which is referring me to another Dr who in turn may suggest he be circumcized again. I'm ok with this because I'd rather get it taken care of now while he's still young yet I'm still very confused about the whole thing. His father has tried to explain but for some reason the excess skin bothers me.    
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