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Facing problem maintaining erections. What should I Do?

Hi, I am 25 right now and I am facing problem maintaining erections. I am not much of a health freak and eat junk food or from restaurant most of the time. I was a skinny guy and have recently started put on weight and my tummy is coming out. I used to have normal erections, morning wood and used to watch a lot of porn and masturbate on it nearly everyday sometimes 2 - 3 times a day. I have been facing this problem since past few months now. A month back me and my gf had sex but I wasn't hard enough to penetrate her. After wearing the condom I completely went limp. Even after that she tried to get me aroused but it didn't happen. I do get erections when I get cozy with my gf but then lose it soon.  I am not able to get complete erections even while watching porn or manual stimulation. Even if I do get a erection I lose it soon enough. I get morning wood but not everyday. I am very frustrated because of this and don't really want to lose this girl. I read about PIED and have started abstaining from PMO but not able to get through with it. I relapse within a few days. I have also started with Kegel Exercises and Meditating. Please help me in any way possible.
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Avoid all masturbation and use of porn to preserve your sexual energy.  Any sexual activities should be carried out with your girlfriend.  It may take some time to get your mind refocused on the real world rather than fantasy, but don't give up on extended foreplay and satisfying your girlfriend with other means, if intercourse is not working, in the meantime.  
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