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Finger twitches

Hello.I'm a 21 year dude and I've got a problem with some muscles in my left hand.
I need to say right off the bat that I masturbate a lot. Once every 2-3 days / Once a day / Twice a day , these three periods repeat.
About 7-8 months ago I noticed that my index and my ring finger twitch slightly left and right.I'm really skinny and I can see the muscle between my index finger and my thumb twitch really quickly.I thought I got this problem after a stressful multiplayer aircraft simulator dogfight match,because I squeezed the joystick too hard and I didn't think much of it.However this week all of a sudden the twitching intensified and I can't help but think it's connected to me masturbating every day.
I'm sorry for the uncomfortable topic but I don't know whom to ask about this problem and I wonder if somebody here knows what's causing this.
P.S.I don't suffer from any deseases,apart from being really skinny I'm healthy in other aspects.
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I'm right handed but I use my left hand for the joystick.Also I don't play regularly.
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Your left hand finger twitching doesn't have anything to do with your masturbation in my opinion.  Are you left-handed?  If you play video games, this may be due to excessive playing, depending upon the time involved during various play sessions.  Any repetitive muscle movements can stress the affected muscles and ligaments.
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