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Firm Plainless Lumps in Right Upper Thigh


I have a question. My boyfriend has a few large/medium sized lumps in his right thigh. The first lump showed up about four years ago and was about the size of a marble. It was firm, imobile and painless. He consulted a docotr about it who simply told him not to worry about it. A couple years later another similar lump showed up just below the original lump; again he saw a doctor who without really examining them said they were probably calcium deposits and not to worry.

Well now the orginal lump is about the size of a golf ball, and he has at least three other lumps (marble size) through out the same thigh. They are painless... unless he pushes right on them and even that only causes mild discomfort. They are firm and solid and do not move when pressed on. They are under the skin and only visible when the skin is pulled tightly over them.

He is generally in good health, no fatigue, no pain, and he rarely gets sick.

He is see another doctor today about these bumps and I am just wondering what they might be so we knwo the correct questions to ask and what to expect. Any suggested testing would be helpful as well.

Thank you
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