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Folliculitis with UTI or herpes?


About 10 days ago I had unprotected sex with a girl who I have known for a while. The sex was very long and abrasive. The next day, my penis had a sore feeling on both sides of the base, and the next morning, had small pimple like structures on it. The bumps seemed like they were under the skin, and some had a small white top. They popped easily, with no pain what-so-ever.  I also had slight pain in my lymph node and a slight fever. I also had slight pain in my lymph node and a slight fever. After reading that this was likely folliculitis, I started washing with antibacterial soap and applying antibiotic ointment. The bumps cleared up quickly, with almost no sign of them after 8 days. They have been painless the entire time. However, around 7 days after the bumps showed up, I started to feel back pain and weakness, along with a returning fever. now almost 11 days later, the back pain has gotten worse, there is slight kidney and abdominal pain, and frequent urination. It is not painful to pee, however. Seeing as the bumps have completely come and gone, it seems strange that these other symptoms have popped up so much later. Could the staph from the folliculitis somehow have caused a UTI? Please give me some insight, as I have been freaking out.

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