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As stated before I am a 76 year old male, a widower, and in excellent physical condition so says my internist. I had asked about frequency of masturbation and the opinions were no one sees any new problems with frequency as much as needed. My question now is because it is so frequent will it or can it become addictive?
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Sir, I admire your health. To be 76 and still **** off is a achievemnt in my book. Good health and long years to you.
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I guess people 'can' get addicted to masturbation especially if they use things like porn as part of it.  Something may be categorized as an addiction if it takes the place of emotion or is a way to avoid something.  Example, you feel sad, you masturbate.  You feel angry, you masturbate.  You avoid feeling the emotion through the activity.  Otherwise, you know, what is the harm?  Is there a wife complaining you don't have anything left for her or something?  
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The only way it would be considered a problem is if you are focused on masturbation to the exclusion and detriment of other activities you enjoy.  If you find your thoughts are constantly focused on masturbating, or when you can next find some alone time to masturbate, while you are doing other things you enjoy, then it may be an addiction problem.
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Excellant points, and happily none of them are happening to me. Thank you so very much for your Insight and observations which are all correct.
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