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Gaining weight ways

I am a student and my age is 21. I am having a problem of weight loss and sometimes weight fluctuation. I can't gain weight, So is there any list of best foods for weight gain or I need a doctor to handle? Thank you
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Go to the nearest Vitamin Shop and grab yourself a whey protein shake mix bottle.  And hit the gym.  Eat lots of red meat in your diet.  Rice and breads as well.  Just keep doing sit ups so the weight doesn't go to your belly.  But to your biceps.

One other bad alternative is to slow your metabolism down that means drinking lots of water and having one small nutritious meal a day.  Over the course of 3 months or so your body will get used to not being fed and you may gain back the weight you lose in muscle and a little more before your metabolism shifts back.  It will slow down naturally as you get older.
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protein! chicken fish etc
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